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Stopcocks are contacted almost every week by women who want to be a plumber but are baffled by the conflicting information available.

Finding a route into plumbing that works is a common dilemma that we’ve written about a great deal and provide services and strategies to help; see our other blogs in the Be a Plumber and Training categories.

Work for yourself not alone with a Stopcocks Women Plumbers franchise

We can help you be a plumber

One of the major issues women who want to be a plumber encounter is that many of them are over the age the majority of training is aimed at – that is: they’re 25 and over.
We Recommend

If you’re a woman thinking that you want to be a plumber we highly recommend that you have a go at some rudimentary plumbing in your own home as a first step, to find out whether it suits you.

Take a look at the Stopcocks YouTube channel where you’ll find videos showing how to stop dripping taps.
There are also lots of other videos on YouTube that you can use to see how you like it.
(If you’re already past this stage, scroll down.)
If you love the plumbing you’ve done in your own home:
We’re launching a new Quick Start, Stopcocks Taps, Traps and Toilet Doctor Training, you might be interested in.
Daisy, well chuffed, removes an old basin

Daisy, removes an old basin

The point of this training is to help women start earning quickly in plumbing related work – from which you can either go on to train as a plumber or continue to operate as a Stopcocks Taps, Traps and Toilet Dr in your local area.

This training is mostly practical and takes place in three weekly blocks, one in a classroom, two in the homes of some of our London customers who’re happy to support this initiative, and online in the form of webinars.
So that we can ensure proper support, the training is only available to women who’re committed to joining Stopcocks as self-employed franchisees information about that is here. 
The fee for this course, which can get you earning immediately on completion is £1500.
The first week’s (theory) training for the next course is the first week of December.
We’ll be repeating the entire course in 2019, this may take place outside London.
Contact us for information and an application form by calling 0800 8620010.
We can also help you gain experience to qualify if you’re on a plumber training course while you work as a self-employed Stopcocks TTT Doctor. Call us on 0800 8620010 about this.
Alternatively if you want a job or have started training and want a placement:

Bigger construction and maintenance companies often help with training for new employees. Redrow Homes runs schemes starting in the New Year every year, so now is a good time to apply to them and find out what you need to do. 

Be a plumber

Be a plumber

Also contact other large firms like Kier, Mitie, Skanska, maintenance companies like Mears and housing associations like Guinness, Wardle, Sovereign.
Ask what their process is, send them a CV and don’t be easily put off. 
There will be other companies not on this list.
Most small plumbing firms don’t have the facilities to support trainees which is why we recommend going to these big companies.
When you feel ready to work for yourself, contact us to help you with that.
If you want to get started and qualify as you go along, call us on 0800 8620010 and ask about mentoring to qualify at the same time as earning as a Stopcocks plumber.
Whatever stage you’re at: next year attend the free Women Installers Together Conference we organise, it will be on 4th July, in London. You can meet other women on the same career path.
Contact us using the details below to get on the mailing list for the 2019 conference.
Call us or email for more information or a friendly chat.
We’ve probably got the answers to all of your questions and can even point you towards low interest loans to help you start up your own Stopcocks business.