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Heating and Boilers

How wonderful it is to come home to a warm house, especially when it’s freezing cold outside.

Central Heating used to be a luxury only a few could afford, but in these days of frozen Winters and wet wet Summers can you really afford for it not to be working at it’s optimum?

With a well designed and maintained system, the correct boiler for your needs and good insulation you’ll be surprised how cozy your home can be and how low running costs are.

With a moderate initial investment you could be actually saving money in the long term on your fuel costs

The most important thing to remember when having central heating installed it to size the system correctly, and to make sure all the controls are provided and set for the correct usage. (If your radiators are too large or too small, you could be wasting fuel).

Controls are so sophisticated these days it pays to have an experienced plumber design, install and explain the workings of the system and not blind you with science.

At Stopcocks Women Plumbers we can design a system that maximises the heat delivery to your rooms, and minimises the amount of wasted pipe runs (or as they are known in the trade..Spaghetti). Extra pipes means extra fuel, and higher fuel bills.

We can help you chose the correct boiler for your individual needs. We recommend and fit Vaillant boilers, but will fit any boiler of your choice as well of course.

Our plumbers do not charge a call out but may ask for consultation fee if the visit is over 30mins.

Always use a Gas Safe Registered plumber to install and service boilers

Most of our plumbers are fully trained and qualified Gas Engineers and registered with the national Gas Safe Register.

There are many issues that a plumber who understands heating systems can deal with efficiently and effectively without being a Gas Engineer.

She can for example flush out and balance your heating system, which can make a huge difference in the warmth of your home and the efficiency of your boiler.

She can also show you how to bleed radiators and re-pressurise your system safely.

Any work connected to the gas supply or the working of your hob, gas fire or boiler can only be carried out by a Registered Gas Safe installer. If your plumber is not a Gas Safe Registered installer she will inform you of this and not carry out work that puts you, your home or your family at risk.

If we have a Gas Safe Registered installer in your area your Stopcocks Plumber will connect you with The Register of Tradeswomen to see if there is a verified Gas Safe installer local to you.

If your usual Stopcocks Woman Plumber is also a registered Gas Safe installer she can safely and legally carry out repairs and installations of gas fires, gas hobs and boilers.

Repairs of boilers can sometimes be complicated. Your Gas Safe installer will have a regular supplier of parts she may need to obtain to carry out your repair. Each brand of boiler can only use their own dedicated parts.

Different brands of boiler may take a different length of time to send through the correct part for your boiler. Your installer will do everything she can to make this process as quick and efficient as she can.

Boiler manufacturers all have Technical Departments dedicated to ensuring your installer carries out repairs quickly and efficiently. Your installer may call one of these helplines for specialist advice.

Your Stopcocks Plumber or Gas Installer may also call our dedicated helpline to discuss the best and most appropriate solution for heating and boiler problems you may be experiencing, this ensures you get the best solution for your situation – quicker.


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