Why join us?

Gain control of your career with the security of a
tried and tested Franchise business from Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

The flexibility of part-time working (if you want it)

High earning potential – spend your time using your skills, make an excellent hourly rate

Follow our proven business model and maximise earning potential

Use our bespoke, fully mobile system to reduce admin time – have your time-off to yourself

Experienced mentors always on-hand

You may be eligible for up to 100% business start-up loan*


Because you’re looking at this page we know you’re open to new opportunities. We’d love to share something about us with you – it’s our aim to build the UK’s best team of self-employed women plumbers and heating engineers; by ‘best’ we mean running profitable, expandable, sellable businesses and with fulfilling lives. We’d love you to join us and have a great time doing it…

Join the Stopcocks Team
Join the Stopcocks Team

All the evidence suggests that although many women want the independence and flexibility of working for ourselves, most never take the risk of running our own businesses. Research (Women in Business: key facts, Government Equalities Office) shows that 10% of women are ‘thinking about’ starting their own business, and the numbers are increasing (currently 1 third).

(Most) women are also demonstrably more risk averse than men and Hewlett Packard discovered, by reviewing personnel records that female employees only put themselves forward for a promotion when they knew they had 100% of the qualifications listed as required, whereas men put themselves forward when they had just 60%. These tendencies against taking what we perceive to be risks probably also account for the lower figures of women working for ourselves than men.

But is working for yourself really more risky than being in a job?

Buying a franchise is different from setting up completely on your own; it massively reduces the risk and even helps you become profitable quicker! It also plays to women’s collaborative strengths. With a Stopcocks franchise you’re your own boss but with the backup of a team. So even if a franchise or self-employment aren’t something you’ve been considering, maybe these facts will open up some possibilities for you.

When you buy a franchise you are buying a proven business model as well as joining a known brand. These two things combined hugely increase your potential for success. The other factor that makes your success far more likely is that in a franchise although you’re running your own business, you’re not doing it alone. At Stopcocks Women Plumbers, we’ve created something that we genuinely believe meets the needs of women working independently as plumbers and heating engineers.

So, if you’re a female plumber or heating engineer who wants the flexibility of self-employment without the risk of working it all out on your own, read on…

Why us?

Being one of a very small number of women working in the plumbing and heating industry can feel exhausting. You may feel as though you simply don’t have the energy to make running your own business a success.

And you’re right that it does take a lot of grit and determination to run your own business; but you’ve already shown you’ve got that by getting this far in your career. Our proven business model and back-up services make the whole thing simple and once you’re free to channel all your wonderful grit and determination into being a great plumbing engineer providing an excellent service rather than dealing with bureaucracy, other people’s targets and time-frames; once you have colleagues who’re on your side and your wavelength you have everything you need to make success on your own terms!

Because a Stopcocks franchise gives you all the flexibility to design how you want to work without the risks of working everything out on your own.

Compare just some of the benefits of being a Stopcocks Franchisee over working alone:


Answering the phone

Plumbing website

Social media


Unique Selling Proposition

For yourself but not alone


Protecting yourself


Technical Mentoring and growing your skillset

Creating effective solutions

Time for admin and paperwork

Free Payment Collection Service

End Isolation

End undercharging

Flexibility and time with your family

Financial systems

Additional training

Work for yourself on your own

Create your own brand

Answer your own phone - unless you’re busy plumbing, in which case they can leave a voicemail

Pay to have a website designed and built and hope it gets found

Set up Social Media 

Develop your own reputation

Establish your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Work everything out yourself

Create your own administrative system

Create Terms and Conditions for Customers

Work out prices on the hoof - pricing your work low so you don’t lose customers to other people who are cheaper

Turn down work that is complicated or outside your comfort zone

Risk unsatisfied customers by working things out on your own as you go along

Spend time fitting in admin and writing invoices

Worry about cashflow and spend time chasing invoices

Never meet another woman plumber and spend your life feeling like you’re the only one who Plumbs Like a Girl!

Always undercharging because you don’t want to be part of the culture that rips customers off

Make good money but never stop working because you worry the work won’t keep coming

Create your own financial systems

Find suitable additional training and pay full price

Purchase a Stopcocks Franchise

Be part of the well established Stopcocks brand

Professional and caring phone answering 8am-8pm Mon-Fri 10-4 Saturdays  so you never miss a call and customers feel cared about

Have your own pages on a well established mobile accessible website that ranks at the top of Google for Women Plumbers

Access well established social media channels and learn how to use them professionally

Jump onto the great reputation of Stopcocks

Benefit from Stopcocks excellent USP for great plumbing and excellent customer service

Use a tried and tested system and have access too other women plumbers at meetings and on the dedicated Facebook Group

Use Stopcocks unique and well designed administrative software from your tablet (provided in start-up package)

Use professionally produced Terms and Conditions that have been checked by a lawyer

Refer to our unique Technical Mentoring Service to work out the best prices for each specific job (because they’re all different and there is no one size fits all) - BUT be confident that you don’t have to price your work low because you’re working with a well established brand known for excellence

Use our unique Technical Mentoring Service to help you do an excellent job even if the work is new or stretches you

Use our unique technical mentoring Service to discuss jobs and make certain you give the customer the solution that best fits their situation giving you happy customers delighted to refer you

Use Stopcocks Women Plumbers unique online system to create invoices and do the paperwork as you go along

Never worry about cashflow because HQ will call your customers and take phone payments* on your behalf - meaning quicker smoother payments *optional free service

Be part of the Women Plumbers community, attend regular meetings with other Stopcocks Women Plumbers and chat to them in a private Facebook group so you know you’re not alone

Be part of a culture that respects the customer while it respects your skill and values your quality of service

Make great money and work in a pattern you choose because your customers value and will wait for you and are looked after respectfully while you are away - they also refer you to their friends so you have a waiting list that makes you feel comfortable not pressurised

Get a year’s free business/financial advice by using Cresswells Stopcocks Women Plumbers suggested accountancy firm

Benefit from Stopcocks Women Plumbers’ unique relationships with suppliers and receive training for free

If you’re already starting to imagine being part of our successful, friendly team of female plumbers and heating engineers working towards a common goal we’d love to hear from you.

Part of our mission is making customers aware of our existence and by being the most highly visible company of female plumbers/heating engineers out there – and with such memorable name – we’re easy for customers to find. Essentially that visibility makes us all role models because we believe every woman or girl who wants to work in skilled trades needs to know she’s not alone. Join us in this mission.

Franchisees follow a proven model that maximises every interaction with a customer without the need for any kind of ‘hard sell’ – Most customers contact Stopcocks having already decided they want to use one of our women plumbers or heating engineers; we make it easy for them to cement that decision by providing a friendly, personal, safe, professional and efficient service in their home. Stopcocks Women Plumbers deliver a highly professional service that places customer service first – we’re known for this and it places us far above the vast majority of plumbing/heating companies and brings customers back to you and telling all their friends.

Stopcocks HQ provide your unique, custom built Go Plumb system and great, friendly, personal customer support, freeing you to focus on the plumbing. Together we deliver a high-end service that helps you take home a better income quicker; working smarter, not harder.

Trained women plumbers and heating engineers; join us if you are ready to learn how to run a successful business; working for yourself but not alone.

If you’re not trained or qualified contact us and ask about our support and guidance to get there and read about our Taps, Traps and Toilets training here.

*As a new business up to 100% low-interest finance may be available to fund your Stopcocks Women Plumbers franchise and those early months via the government’s start-up loan scheme (even if your credit rating isn’t great) https://www.outsetfinance.com

The Stopcocks Women Plumbers business model has been fully assessed by a third party company.