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Train as a Stopcocks Taps, Traps and Toilet Dr.

You could train as a Stopcocks Taps, Traps and Toilets Dr. and earn money soon working in people’s homes.

A few young women train as plumbers straight from school but most women who decide to become plumbers are looking for a fresh start after another career.

Rather than starting off as (probably) the only woman on the course, possibly older than everyone else and being unfamiliar with using tools, why not train as a Stopcocks Taps, Traps and Toilets Dr? You can then train as a plumber feeling empowered and capable, if that’s what you decide.

This course will take you from scratch to being able to earn good money, working with your hands, on the kind of ‘small jobs’ many plumbers turn away.

If you choose you can then continue and train as a plumber. This way you can start in college with your own customer base, skills with tools and already earning and comfortable working in people’s homes.

The course is offered over three months in three week long blocks in a very small, friendly group.

Week one is theory while weeks two and three are delivered in real customers homes. This means you will encounter the reality of the widely varied taps, traps and toilets in UK, so you’ll be getting proper valuable experience fixing the kinds of problems your customers will have.

The whole course is delivered in very small groups so that each trainee gets individual attention but also because bathrooms are small and not many people fit into them at once!

To get the most out of your training and to continue getting mentoring support as you progress in your plumbing career, you could join the Stopcocks team and let us help to incubate your business. Hardly any two homes in UK are the same and you will always come across new things.

Have you always wanted to work with your hands but been put off? Here is a quick and simple way to get started, as a Stopcocks Taps, Traps and Toilets Dr. Join us.

Cost including full Taps, Traps and Toilets Dr toolkit, £1500.

Courses conducted around the country.

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3 Months                              £1500
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