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Gain control of your career with the security of a tried and tested Stopcocks Women Plumbers Business Incubator



The flexibility of part-time working
(if you want it)


Reduce admin time

Use our bespoke, fully mobile system to reduce admin time – have your time-off to yourself

High earning potential

Spend your time using your skills, make an excellent hourly rate


Our experienced mentors always on-hand to provide support and advice

Follow our proven business model

Follow our proven business model and maximise earning potential

You may eligible for a start-up loan

You may be eligible for up to 100% business start-up loan

Watch as your business grows with you

Be self-employed, grow as a plumber, receive support from Stopcocks mentors and our large network. Be proud of the work you do.

Because you’re looking at this page we know you’re open to new opportunities. We’d love to share something about us with you – it’s our aim to build the UK’s best team of self-employed women plumbers and heating engineers; by ‘best’ we mean running profitable, expandable, sellable businesses and with fulfilling lives. We’d love you to join us and have a great time doing it…
Here at Stopcocks we talk to women plumbers and heating engineers all the time. We know you care about standards. We also know that too many women hold themselves back because they lack the confidence to ‘go it alone’. With the Stopcocks Business Incubator you don’t have to!

When you join Stopcocks you can work for yourself and not be alone. The Stopcocks Business Incubator is a tried and tested system of mentoring to help you gradually stretch your technical comfort zone (with our support) alongside online business systems that take the strain out of paperwork plus humans to answer calls and emails and chase invoices for you.

All the evidence suggests that although many women want the independence and flexibility of working for ourselves, mostly we don’t take the risk of running our own businesses. Research (Women in Business: key facts, Government Equalities Office) shows that 10% of women are ‘thinking about’ starting their own business, and the numbers are increasing (currently 1 third).

Research shows that unfortunately (most) women are more risk averse than men and Hewlett Packard discovered, by reviewing personnel records that female employees only put themselves forward for a promotion when they knew they had 100% of the qualifications listed as required, whereas men put themselves forward when they had just 60%. These tendencies against taking what we perceive to be risks probably also account for the lower figures of women working for ourselves than men.

But is working for yourself really more risky than being in a job? Who is actually secure in today’s job market? Wouldn’t you feel safer having that control yourself?

When you join the Stopcocks Business Incubator you’re doing something very different to setting up completely on your own; it massively reduces the risk of self-employment and even helps you become profitable quicker! It also plays to women’s collaborative strengths. With the Stopcocks Business Incubator you’re your own boss but with the backup of a team. So even if it isn’t something you’ve been considering, maybe these facts will open up some possibilities for you.

By joining the Stopcocks Business Incubator scheme you are buying access to technical and business mentoring, and a proven business model and all our support as well as joining a known brand. All of this combined hugely increases your potential for success. The other factor that makes your success far more likely is that with the Stopcocks Business Incubator although you’re running your own business, you’re not doing it alone. At Stopcocks Women Plumbers, we’ve created something that we genuinely believe meets the needs of women working independently as plumbers and heating engineers.

So, if you’re a female plumber or heating engineer who wants the flexibility of self-employment without the risk (and time) of working everything out on your own, read on…

Professional Phone Answering

Professional and caring phone answering 8am-5pm Mon-Fri  so you never miss a call and customers feel cared about


Be part of the well established Stopcocks brand loved by the media

Unique Selling Proposition

Benefit from Stopcocks excellent USP for great plumbing and excellent customer service

For yourself but not alone

Use a tried and tested system and have access to other women plumbers at meetings and on the dedicated Facebook Group

Technical Mentoring and Business Growth Support

 Our experienced mentors are at the end of the phone and for bigger jobs will work alongside you. This means you can take on bigger, more complex jobs than you would have imagined, and grow your skills and confidence more quickly.

We will work with you to devise a business that satisfies you and help you reach those goals.

Why us?


Being one of a very small number of women working in the plumbing and heating industry can feel exhausting. You may feel as though you simply don’t have the energy to make running your own business a success. Or maybe you just don’t feel experienced enough, maybe you’re not confident indoor skills…

And you’re right that it does take a lot of grit and determination to run your own business; but you’ve already shown you’ve got that by getting this far in your career. Our mentoring, proven business model and back-up services make the whole thing simple and once you’re free to channel all your wonderful grit and determination into being a great plumbing engineer providing an excellent service rather than dealing with bureaucracy, other people’s targets and time-frames; once you have colleagues who’re on your side and your wavelength you have everything you need to make success on your own terms!

Because the Stopcocks Business Incubator gives you all the flexibility to design how you want to work without the risks of working everything out on your own – whether that’s the technicalities of plumbing, fixing a boiler or getting your invoices done and paid!



What our franchisees have said

“I have two young children and organise my work so that I can do the school run. No job ever gave me that amount of freedom and control.

I’m building my skill set and have learned tiling on top of plumbing and being a heating engineer so by the time they’re old enough to leave more I can provide the high-end service I really want to my customers.”


Stopcocks Franchisee

“I’d trained and been trying to work for myself as a plumber but I was worried all the time even though I’d run my own business for years.

When I joined Stopcocks the work started flowing in straight away and I knew I never had to worry about having enough work again! What’s more, I can ring up whenever I have a technical problem or when I come across something I haven’t seen before and get on the spot advice.”


Stopcocks Franchisee

“I became a Stopcocks Franchisee because I wanted to be self employed, have a scope of work I could be proud of and grow as a plumber.”


Stopcocks Franchisee

We’d love to hear from you…


Compare just some of the benefits of being joining the Stopcocks Business Incubator over working alone:

If you’re already starting to imagine being part of our successful, friendly team of female plumbers and heating engineers working towards a common goal we’d love to hear from you.

Part of our mission is making customers aware of our existence and by being the most highly visible company of female plumbers/heating engineers out there – and with such memorable name – we’re easy for customers to find. Essentially that visibility makes us all role models because we believe every woman or girl who wants to work in skilled trades needs to know she’s not alone. Join us in this mission.

The plumbers and engineers in Stopcocks follow a proven model that maximises every interaction with a customer without the need for any kind of ‘hard sell’ – Most customers contact Stopcocks having already decided they want to use one of our women plumbers or heating engineers; we make it easy for them to cement that decision by providing a friendly, personal, safe, professional and efficient service in their home (they often choose our plumbers even if they’re not the cheapest, because of the superior level of customer service we provide). Stopcocks Women Plumbers deliver a highly professional service that places customer service first – we’re known for this and it places us far above the vast majority of plumbing/heating companies and brings customers back to you and telling all their friends.

The unique Stopcocks technical mentoring service uses phone and WhatsApp mentoring to take you through simpler jobs or give you someone to discuss the best solution for a specific situation and for bigger jobs a mentor will even come and work alongside you. You both get paid and you get a delighted and loyal customer. How cool is that?

Stopcocks HQ provide your unique, custom built GoPlumb system and great, friendly, personal customer support, freeing you to focus on the plumbing. Together we deliver a high-end service that helps you take home a better income quicker; working smarter, not harder.

Trained women plumbers and heating engineers; join us if you are ready to learn how to run a successful business; working for yourself but not alone.

If you’re not trained or qualified or just not feeling very experienced contact us and ask about our support and guidance to get there and read about our Taps, Traps and Toilets Dr training here.

 Call us to find out more on 07706763883.

The Stopcocks Women Plumbers business model has been fully assessed by a third party company.

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