Join the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme

We’re delighted you’re interested in finding out more about us and about what it means to become a self-employed Stopcocks Woman Plumber, working for yourself, but not alone, with our support to grow your own business..

If you’re a trained female plumber or heating engineer wanting an improved work/life balance you’ve come to the right place. 

Take a look at this. It will explain how you can make a successful business by doing the things you love (plumbing or heating engineering), whilst still making sure the rest is taken care of.

You’ll find we’re one of the very few businesses in existence designed with the flexibility many women need in the workplace

What do You Value and Want More Of in Your Life?

Say you want a pair of shoes and they’re £250.

If you value the shoes more than the £250 you’ll buy the shoes; if you value the £250 more, you’ll hold on to your money and do without the shoes.

What are the things you value most in your life?

  • Time with your family
  • Secure income
  • Holidays
  • Fulfilling work
  • More money

Are any of these things more valuable to you than the cost of joining the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme (go here to see our pricing plans)? If they are, then joining the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme is a no-brainer.

Hattie Hasan founded Stopcocks in 1990 and has been working tirelessly to improve what's available for women plumbers ever since
Hattie Hasan founded Stopcocks in 1990 and has been working tirelessly to improve what’s available for women plumbers and heating engineers ever since

We know that in almost all cases ‘work’ means you fitting in with what your employer or even your franchisor dictates. One of the things that makes Stopcocks so different to almost any other company is our flexibility; we’ll help you write a business plan that shows what you need to earn (and what you’d like to earn) and that takes into account your other life commitments and then, together we’ll work out how you’ll get there.

We understand most women will need to work flexibly at some point and it’s built into how we operate. In fact, we believe many men would benefit from the opportunity of more flexible working too and we’re working to help the industry take this huge shift on board.

At Stopcocks it’s our mission to help you have more control over your work life so that you can have more of what you want.

What is the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme?

We use the franchise model, means we give you access to a tried and tested business model you can follow so you’re not wasting time (and money) working it all out. Stopcocks is a trustworthy known brand that customers love, even more so now that Hattie it’s founder has been awarded an MBE.

We’ve spent the time so you don’t have to. Our proven method has helped many (currently more than 35) women plumbers run their own thriving businesses.

Why Join the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme?

For years most successful self-employed plumbers/heating engineers have had someone in the background making sure they’re successful – their wife.

But where does that leave women plumbers and heating engineers?

Let Stopcocks be your W.I.F.E. and get your business moving!

We’ve worked it all out for you – so you don’t have to waste time and money making mistakes

Increase your profits – spend more time doing what you love and that makes you money – plumbing/heating (rather than paperwork)

Flexibility – work how and when you want and Fulfilment – improve your work/life balance

Enjoy life more because you know your future and finances are sustainable

See this blog

What’s so different about the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme?

Stopcocks Women Plumbers are unique;

Unique because we’re the only all women national plumbing/heating company anywhere

Unique because we understand that success is different for different people

Unique because we’re a franchise, so all our plumbers/heating engineers have the flexibility of working for themselves but not alone

Unique because we’ll help you create a work pattern that suits you – work more – earn more, work less and have time with your family. We’re realistic, but will help you write a plan for your own business that meets your needs, so you can have the balance you want out of life

Unique because we provide technical and business mentoring to help ensure you gain skills, competence and happy customers and a business that pays you well

Unique because we provide more support than any other plumbing/heating franchise (and almost any company) out there

Unique because we believe women plumbers/heating engineers are crucial, for householders and ultimately for the survival the industry

Unique because our ethos is to change the culture around plumbing by creating successful, competent, confident, self-employed women plumbers and heating engineers that will be role models for future generations

It’s our aim to build the UK’s best team of self-employed women plumbers and heating engineers; by ‘best’ we mean women running profitable, expandable, saleable businesses and with fulfilling lives.

Close up Hattie's hands as she works
A woman plumbers’ hands

A bit more information about the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme franchise

If you’re a female plumber or heating engineer and you want control of your life combined with the security of a tried and tested model; the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme franchise is for you.

Stopcocks Women Plumbers are the only national company of self-employed women plumbers anywhere. We’ve worked for years to create an effective business model that provides all the business and technical support you require to work for yourself and build up a secure income quickly.

We have systems and back-up so you can spend your time plumbing. We think we’ve come up with the perfect balance between our technical support, the flexibility of self-employment and the security of working within a national brand whose systems deal with almost all your admin (so you don’t have to spend all your evenings dealing with paperwork) and that’s known and trusted by customers.

moving a new radiator for a refurbishment
Moving new radiator for refurb

The Stopcocks Women Plumbers business model is for you if want to take control of your time and your future by developing your own local, highly professional business as a plumber or/and  heating engineer. We’ve laid out clear information about being a franchisee, our opportunities for women plumbers/heating engineers, who we are and what we’re offering as the only franchise anywhere supporting women plumbers and heating engineers to grow their confidence and their businesses at the same time.

You’re also welcome to pick up the phone or contact us if you’d like to chat about the offering and what you stand to gain from joining the team at Stopcocks Women Plumbers. Call us on 0800 8620010

Need further information or advice about our business accelerator scheme?

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