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COVID 19 safety

Please Read

We’re following these guidelines in the homes of our customers in England to keep you, our engineers and our other customers safe. In Wales and Scotland only emergencies will be attended.


Before the plumber arrives:


  • please inform us if you have had a positive COVID 19 test, symptoms or contact with anyone who has in the last 14 days
  • let us know if you’re shielding or supporting someone who is

Both of these instances may mean a postponement of your appointment unless it is a genuine emergency – that is, no heat, no hot water, no water, a gas or water leak.

Government Guidance: 

  • hands – They will wash their hands thoroughly before leaving the customer prior to you and sanitise them before entering your home. They will wash their hands before leaving your home to help protect themselves and their next customer
  • face – They will wear a mask in your home and if you need to be in the same room as they work, will ask you to wear one
  • space – Our engineers will strive to stay 2 metres away from you and any other members of your household, we recognise this is not always possible which is why we ask you to wear a mask while they are in your home unless you can wait in another room

When our engineers arrive at your home they will also: 

  • clean the area they will work on with anti-viral wipes or cleaner (please don’t be offended, they will do this even if you have done it before they arrive)
  • ask you to wait in a separate room while they’re in your home if at all possible, if not they will ask you to wear a mask
  • clean the area they’re worked on with anti-viral again before they leave


In addition, we request that you ventilate the area for 15 minutes before they are due to arrive by opening windows or doors and that you fully ventilate it again after they leave.


Thank you for helping us keep you, our other customers and our engineers safe.


Our Vision and Mission

We believe that as a plumbing and heating company we’re unique.

Established in 1990, Stopcocks have always put the needs of the customer first.

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Our aim is to make your life easier

Our mission is to connect fully trained, highly competent female plumbers with those requiring their services throughout the U.K.

There are moments in your life when you make a decision fairly casually and then later look back and get to say “thank GOD I did so and so…” or “what if we hadn’t…”
Finding your company is SO one of those moments. You sent us Debbie (as you know!) who could not have been sweeter, more committed to solving our problem or more wonderful than if you’d sent baby Jesus.
From the moment she arrived I knew we were in good hands and – and this is the really important thing – we knew we could trust her.
She went the extra mile for us when the thingee didn’t fit the other thingee (stop me if I’m getting too technical), she called the company, didn’t give up when they said the part didn’t exist but instead found it on line and took the trouble to email me the appropriate link. All this would make her an excellent ambassador for your company in itself, but she was so much more than that: she brought sunshine and positivity into our already very happy home and made it all the better for her presence. By her third visit I was really looking forward to her coming, just for the energy she brings with her.

So thank you; a HUGE thank you, from both me and Jo.

Not only will we recommend you, I’m really looking forward to someone asking if we “know a decent plumber”, as folks do from time to time.
Do we know a decent plumber…!

With much love,


Householder, in N8



A Simple Process

Hattie Hasan MBE and Mica May, Directors of Stopcocks Group Ltd

Join the Stopcocks team

Gain control of your career with the security of a tried and tested  business incubator from Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

High earning potential
Reduce admin time
Experienced mentors always on-hand

We will let our track record do the talking

Stopcocks has grown from one woman and her vision into a national company showcasing excellent women plumbers.

We have created standards so that you can choose a someone who really cares about you, your home and your time.




Of satisfied customers

Happy Customers


Would recommend Stopcocks



30+ years

Of industry experience

Incubated businesses


Throughout the

United Kingdom

Thanks to Stopcocks I’ve tackled complex jobs I wouldn’t have the confidence to, let alone, that I’d feel able to complete successfully.

The mentoring is meticulous.

One can only say it’s the best move I’ve made in my life!



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Connecting female plumbers with clients

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