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Underfloor Heating

Until recently underfloor heating was an unrealistic option for most households but recent improvements in it’s technology has changed all that.

Well designed and professionally fitted underfloor heating provides a wonderful, gentle, even heat (a great relief to those of us who remember having to run over hot spots in the school hall).

It saves room because radiators are unnecessary, reduces dust by stopping drafts and saves energy, bringing your heating bills down.

Fears that it might leak are a thing of the past and new systems don’t require a deep screed to be laid over them either.

After designing and fitting your underfloor heating system it will be calibrated to your specifications, meaning you have control of the heat in your home

If you’re refurbishing your home its achievable elegance could be just what you’re looking for.

Most of our plumbers are trained in installing Polypipe systems and accredited by British Plumbing Employers Council (BPEC). If there isn’t a qualified Stopcocks underfloor heating installer near you please ask as many of our specialists are happy to travel.

One of the beauties of underfloor heating is ‘zoning’ which allows different heat settings to be set for different areas and means you have absolute control over the heat in your home.

Imagine, never having cold feet again! We always feel warmer when our feet are warm, underfloor heating heats the air where you need it, not on the ceiling.

Warm air from underfloor heating stays where you need it without causing drafts or hot and cold spots

By heating the bottom of the whole room, underfloor heating prevents drafts because the heat simply rises, warming your home evenly where you need it. The ‘swirling’ of warm and cooler air caused by traditional systems heats the air near the ceiling, causing drafts as well as hot and cold spots. When you have an underfloor heating system you feel pleasantly warm with a lower overall temperature in the whole room – giving you reduced bills.

Have you noticed how dust gathers? It is attracted to hot surfaces. Underfloor heating reduces dust because you won’t need radiators – removing a major dust attractor in your home. Less dust and time spent cleaning, another great advantage.

Finally, not having radiators, as well as giving you more room gives you so many more choices where you can place your furniture. It really can give you the home you’ve always wanted.

Your Stopcocks Plumber and Underfloor Installer has access to support from Polypipe and our own dedicated helpline to discuss the best and most appropriate solution for any heating problems you may be experiencing, this ensures you get the best solution for your situation – quicker.


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