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Not every shower is suitable for every home.

Choosing the right shower can sometimes be more complicated than it seems.

Not every shower is suitable for every home

Should you choose electric, power shower, thermostatic, manual or pumped?

What’s the difference between a thermostatic and a manual shower mixer?

Will your boiler be able to deliver the water at a good enough pressure and temperature?

If your hot water pressure is low, how can you get a great shower?

Your Stopcocks Woman Plumber can advise which shower is best for you by asking a few simple questions and paying a visit*. She can explain the options available to you so you can choose what’s best for you.

When it’s helpful to you your Stopcocks Plumber will work collaboratively with your tiler or/and electrician.

*Our plumbers do not charge a call out but may ask for a consultation fee if the visit is over 30mins. This is refunded should you chose her to do the work.

Some showers legally require an electrician to make the final connections. Our plumber will inform you in good time if this is the case.

If you prefer we will try to make sure all other trades are women too, although we cannot guarantee this. Take a look at our sister site The Register of Tradeswomen


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