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Why Do New Businesses Fail?

Why do so many new businesses fail?

The vast majority of us would prefer the freedom and flexibility of working for ourselves, so what stops us and what stops so many of us who try it succeeding?

It isn’t skill, in most cases we’re good at doing what we set our new businesses up as,  and some very successful business people aren’t great at what they do. So whether you’re ‘good enough’ at it isn’t what’ll make you go bust.

For plumbers setting up new businesses, especially women, it might be selling your services; many of us are uncomfortable at ‘selling ourselves’ and feel that somehow, we shouldn’t need to.

It might be pricing or all the people who want you to work for next to nothing for a worthy cause. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, it’s great; but you will need to earn a living. Earning a living is about balancing worthy causes with your own success and having enough customers who’ll pay you well so that you can afford to help other people out.

Many people get overwhelmed by paperwork in new businesses

Many people get overwhelmed by paperwork in new businesses

It might be keeping up with paperwork; many new businesses either don’t set up a suitable system to run their business by or just can’t keep up with jobs – in particular invoicing and collecting payments, which naturally affect your ability to afford to continue.

It might be commitment; the level of commitment required to run your own business is something many people who’ve always had jobs simply cannot imagine. Especially when often more than half of your time is spent running the new business, not the ‘job’. Answering the phone, paperwork, advertising/marketing and promotion, call-backs, invoicing, chasing payments, to name but a few jobs that need doing in successful as well as new businesses. 

It isn’t about your commitment to your new business, that thing you’re brilliant at and want to spend  your life doing; you’ll probably find you spend less time doing it than you spent doing things you loved in the job you left. 

Sorry about that, but it’s best you know the way it is.

So what to do? 

Well, if you’re a woman plumber; join Stopcocks, we can help you. 

A Stopcocks Franchise will take care of most of these problems in new businesses and  successful ones.

We don’t supply commitment, but we do take care of so many of the tasks you’d rather not be doing that it’s easier to stay committed – because you’re spending much more time, making money doing the things you love. 

You’ll still need to be highly committed and very determined, but we also have a great community of women plumbers you can talk to when things get tough (because they definitely will).

Would it be easier to make your decision to work for yourself knowing someone else has already worked everything out and you just have to follow a tried and tested method?

Would it be easier knowing that someone’s got your back?

That someone’s there to answer your phone so you don’t miss out on important work and calls? Who’ll weed out time wasters?

And that you have a great system to make your admin and invoicing quick and simple?

Most of all, who’ll collect your payments?

And is available to talk through complicated jobs with.

Stopcocks women plumbers run successful new businesses part of a supportive community

Stopcocks women plumbers run successful new businesses part of a supportive community

Is it clear that a Stopcocks franchise makes sense? And is so much better value than you’d imagine?

Would it feel good be working for yourself but not alone?

Now’s the right time, because we’re running a very special offer.

Now’s the time to call us.

If you’re not a woman plumber, we’d still recommend you look into franchises, they can make life far simpler and much more successful.

For information about what a Stopcocks Franchise can do to help you start and run your successful business go here and then call us on 0800 8620010

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