Plumbing Problems

Maintenance – The Little Things Matter

Many of our customers have told us that many plumbers simply can’t be bothered with maintenance work.

The plumbers often say they are busy with what they call ‘big jobs’, but the fact is, maintenance work is a very specific skill that many plumbers don’t have or aren’t interested in.

Some prefer just to work on installations.

Fixing plumbing problems requires very specific skills plus ingenuity and a solution-focussed approach. Most people are very surprised to discover that maintenance and general fixing are not covered in plumber training at all.

In the specialist training our plumbers receive we cover many maintenance issues and our helpline offers the assistance of plumbers with over 20 years experience.

Leaks in particular cause additional damage if not dealt with promptly.

Signs of a water leak may be a musty smell or discolouration or mould on walls and ceilings. Don’t wait till you see dripping!

Heating problems

Do you have problem radiators?

Do you have cold spots at the top or bottom of your radiators?

Does it take ages for your heating to get fully hot?

One of the most common causes of cold spots is sludge in your system.

Don’t panic! You don’t have to spend hundreds on a system power flush. (this can actually do harm to your system by putting too much pressure on older pipe work, and if not carried out thoroughly could cause problems long after the plumber has left with corrosion and leaking)

It is recommended that all new systems have a magnetic filter fitted, but these can also be fitted onto your existing system for a fraction of the cost of a power flush. The powerful magnet draws metals (which are the highest component of the sludge) from the system as they circulate through and collects them. It can then be removed and cleaned as part of your annual service.

Your system will be kept clean, and run more efficiently which will save you money on your fuel bills.

Your Stopcocks Woman Plumber can advise where to fit your magnet and can give you a fair price for doing the work. She can even come back every year and service it for you*

*Plumber does not need to be Gas Safe to fit and maintain this component. For boiler servicing, a Gas Safe plumber must be used.

Customer Feedback

I have been meaning to write to thank you again for the wonderful service you provided a few weeks ago. Everything seems fine and I am so relieved. You were simply incredible the way you just got on with it all and didn’t moan but found solutions to all my issues! I cannot thank you enough.
Helen, Richmond

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