Get your great new Oldham bathroom simply and easily. Just call Julie, your local Stopcocks Woman Plumber and she’ll efficiently and quickly fit you a new Oldham bathroom.

All our Oldham bathroom Installations can be as luxurious as you wish
Bathroom Installations can be as luxurious as you wish

All our plumbers are fully competent and will talk you through what is going to work in your home and within your price range.

We never use heavy sales techniques and may even end up talking you into a cheaper option if we believe it will suit you better. We can often give you new design ideas or tell you where to search for better bathroom fittings that will help your budget go further.

Perhaps you just want to show us a picture in a magazine and go on holiday to come back to a bathroom you’ve always dreamed of? Our plumbers provide a full ‘white glove’ service in which they will complete the work and make sure your house is safe while you’re away. That means that you never have to deal with a moment’s worry or upheaval.

Whatever you choose, the bathroom you choose from Stopcocks Women Plumbers will be to your exact specifications and the neighbours will be envious of your beautiful new Oldham bathroom.

Whatever kind of bathroom you want, Julie will be delighted to make sure you get it; whether it is lush and old fashioned bathroom or a sleek modern Oldham bathroom, she’ll make sure it is exactly what you want.

For the best bathroom in Oldham, just call Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

Our customer service is second to none; just take a look at the comments on Julie’s page and see what people have said about her work and her attitude. Her customers are always happy to recommend her to their friends and family.


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