Hi folks,
I am finally back at the blog site after a Christmas of family and a New Year of friends.
This is the time when people traditionally make promises to themselves for great things.
How many of us have been true to those promises?

Well done! and keep it up.
I have always believed that the right time will always show itself to you,
and when it does, you will know what changes to make……..

For me, the time to take control of my life and my destiny came not at the beginning of the year, but half way through last year.

I had been working so hard, that I hadn’t noticed what was going on around me.
I was concerned with being able to support my family and found myself moving further away from them.

How many people do you know with the same story?

It looks like you’re deeply involved in the family, but really, you’re isolating yourself, and looking at the ground.

Of course, you do eventually have to look up, and look around.

What a shock! To find that I was an island.
My life had taken a route that I really had not told it to, and now I was staring at my family from my island and wondering how to get back to them.

The first thing I did, was quit smoking.
It was easier than I thought it would be.
This was confirmation to me that I was building the raft I needed to get off the island and back to my family.

Soon, I was home again and I began to look at ways to take control of other parts of my life too.
To look at ways to improve the quality of my life and that of my family.

When you feel in control, things come to you.
When the universe knows you, and you open your heart, abundance comes.

A very close friend asked me yesterday, “What are you missing in your life?”
I had to think for ages.
I live in a beautiful  place, with the one I love most.
I do the job I love most.
I am excited and enthused and enlivened by my new adventure to create the fastest growing women’s plumbing company in the UK. (Which by the way has the most energetic and vibrant team involved).

What am I missing?

Feels pretty abundant to me, and everyday when I walk my dogs in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, (even in the rain, honest), I thank the universe for my lucky stars.
Don’t forget what you have to be grateful for.
Look up, look around.

Now I feel part of the world again,
Now I can look around,
Now I can make a difference.

New Year, New Year

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