Bristan Easyfit Champagne Tap
Bristan Easyfit Champagne Tap in customers home

Stopcocks Women Plumbers trialled Bristan Taps new Easyfit Kitchen Taps marketed with the strapline Making Life Easier

At Stopcocks Women Plumbers we don’t mind hard work, but when we encounter something that says it makes life easier – as long as it does the job, we’re interested
So we were delighted to trial Bristan’s new Easyfit Kitchen Taps range.

We have not been disappointed. Not only are the taps beautiful and pleasing to the customer with their smooth action; they really are easy to fit, reducing fitting time considerably and once fitted, should you want to change the actual valve, that is even easier.

Time under the sink is drastically reduced, and the only potentially difficult part of the job is removing the old taps (if they’re not already Bristan Easyfit Taps).

Thank You Bristan;  a product manufacturer who are thinking about the installer and not just aesthetics

Making Life Easier

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