Customers will remember you if they felt safe while you were in their home

Is good service enough? Sadly, it seems that in the plumbing trade what most customers remember are the bad experiences even if they’ve received good service from you.

Customers are being taught by the media and unscrupulous traders that they will be ripped off, sold things they don’t want and given shoddy service.

Unfortunately for many this is true and, as its what people are taught to expect, it is often what they remember. That ‘teaching’ of customers to expect not to be treated well is so effective most really never expect good service at all and are shocked when they do receive it.

So as plumbers who give good service because we care about our customers and our reputation what can we do to overcome these negative expectations?

Just doing a good job and giving good service simply isn’t enough when people are expecting to be tricked or cheated in some way, so at Stopcocks Women Plumbers we focus on ‘the customer experience’ and making the whole thing excellent.

We never leave it to chance.

Actually, many of our customers come to us because they do expect us to be different and we are. We’re about as different from the usual plumber as we can be and still be excellent plumbers.

As women most of us have been trained since we were children to care for other people and as plumbers we still do that, but at Stopcocks we want to be absolutely certain that the experience we leave our customers with is one they’ll remember and remember with a happy smile on their faces.

All our plumbers receive training in customer service; good to great customer service and we operate a strict Code of Conduct.

We know that when a plumber comes into your home, especially if you’re stressed and worried they need to leave you feeling safe and cared for. We know we’re fairly successful at that because it’s not uncommon for our customers to take a shower while we’re there.

We know we’re succeeding at this when even during the initial phone call potential customers start telling us how they’ve been treated by other plumbers and seem to just know we’ll understand why they’re upset or cautious.

We know we’re succeeding when people drive by and shout out to us that the shower we fitted is the best thing they ever had!

Is Good Service Enough?
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One thought on “Is Good Service Enough?

  • September 24, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Many people seem to think that purmbels aim to fix small issue and charge a lot. I, personally, teach my clients over the phone what to do to avoid an unnecessary service call. It doesn’t benefit me to spend time in traffic and drive as far as 50 km just to fix a small problem my client could have fixed himself. I won’t like the look on my client’s face when I tell him the price. They know and know now that it was an easy problem. But I spent time and need to charge for this. So I appreciate sites like yours that educate consumers about ways to diagnose and fix their small plumbing issues.


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