This may be a strange thing to say. It appears that fear is the thing that holds us back.
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of loss
Fear of gain.
Just think about this for a moment.
Have you ever encountered a large dog? It’s walking towards you on the narrow path. It’s on a leash and appears to be under control, but what are your feelings as it approaches you?

As you get closer to the creature (even if you are a dog person, you of all people know how to respect a dog you don’t know), your heart starts to beat a little bit harder. Your breathing becomes shallower. You may feel a little warmer and your eyes may get a little wider as you come closer and closer.

Then the moment arrives when you pass each other on the path. You draw up in defense as the dog leans over to you with it’s tail wagging and almost a smile on it’s face. You stroke the dog, what was there to fear after all?

Now, imagine if you could bottle up the energy you used in creating that fear. It would be hot stuff indeed.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could bottle up the energy we use creating and maintaining those fears that don’t really serve us, carry them around and open the bottle at our own convenience when we need an injection of energy to do things that do serve us.

Just recently I returned from a trip of a lifetime in beautiful Bali.
The lessons learned there would take a lifetime to write about and no doubt future postings will go into more detail about the many stories from paradise.
The story here though is about overcoming fear and seeing the opportunities that show themselves as a result.
I have always seen myself as a woman of action, one that tries to face problems head on.

As I got older, I found myself taking less risk, not wanting to do things that may be dangerous, or painful.
When I listed six things I wanted to do before I died I saw that they all involved risk. I realised that I had become “safe”, this was my “comfort zone” and really, I wanted to break free from that.
The Universe had ideas for me too. I thought I’d chose a place to chill and relax and read my book on a beach. “Oh no” said the Universe, “you said you wanted to learn to dive, so do it!”

I found that I had chosen one of the most popular places on the island for divers, and when speaking to locals it appeared that this is the place to come to learn to dive.
The fear kicked in. I’ll be seasick, I’ll feel claustrophobic in all the gear, I won’t be able to breathe under water. I won’t be able to do it.
I summoned up so much energy in making those fears it could have filled the huge practice pool.

Then I began to imagine the sights of deep.
Then I began to feel the wonder of seeing things that most people on the planet will never see in real life.
Then I began to feel the gratitude of being able to have that opportunity.
Then, I signed up.

Hey, fear was nothing to be afraid of. The doors that are open to me now that I am a qualified open water diver are doors into the beautiful, secret and awesome world of the ocean.

NOW! I’m truly in my element.

The experience of overcoming fear and opening new doors has changed me profoundly.
It has re-connected me with my childhood wonder that knew no bounds.

I am so grateful for that.

Fear is nothing to be afraid of

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