Creating a fairer world, through plumbing
Changing the world through fair plumbing

I caught a conversation on Facebook the other day. Someone was asking what a fair price to pay a plumber was.

Of course, I dived right in there.

The price she’d been quoted I considered high; more than what our Stopcocks Woman Plumber in her area would charge.

I told her our hourly rate and checked the plumber local to her was available and the deal was done.

She’d known about our company and told me she thought our charges would be ‘super-expensive’.

I thought about that a bit and asked her if she knew why that was ‘I guess because I had the impression that u provide a really good service!’

Over lunch a couple of us discussed it.

We realised that if plumbers charge high fees for shoddy work and poor service, of course, customers are going to think that great plumbing and excellent service is going to be ‘super-expensive’!

Now, we don’t aim to be the cheapest, great work and service doesn’t come cheap, but part of our commitment to our customers if ‘fair pricing’; a price that is fair to us and fair to them.

Anyhow, the plumber did the job and the customer was happy

‘I like the fact that you are fair and just in your pricing and that you come from a place of congruency with it!’ she said.

We realise we might have been losing ourselves customers by not explaining this.

We aim to change the face of the construction industry, starting with plumbing.

We want it to be fairer; fair for female plumbers and fair for customers,

 We really mean it, this philosophy goes right through Stopcocks

A Whole New World!

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