purple tick for extraordinary customer service
we each have our own check list of what makes up extraordinary customer service

In the construction industry customer service isn’t taught.

In fact our trainee builders, plumbers electricians receive exceedingly poor customer service from the majority of training institutions and companies.

Since most have little life experience outside this world and they arrive in it at a young and tender age it’s hardly surprising they give out what they get to their customers.

But we do have experience outside that world, at Stopcocks Women Plumbers almost all our plumbers have had a previous life before they became plumbers. We’re also experienced customers and know what we want as customers ourselves.

So we provide what we’d expect.

And we’re constantly surprised at our customers reactions. We’re realising, that in this industry, it’s easy to give extraordinary customer service.

We turn up when we say we will, and if something prevents that, we use our mobile phones and let you know.

We’re friendly but that doesn’t mean we ask you to ‘put the kettle on luv’.

We answer questions without gobbledygook and if we don’t know the answer we don’t pretend we do, we just find out.

We give options rather than telling you what you want.

We explain choices and don’t assume you can’t understand the implications.

We come back if something isn’t quite right or stops working perfectly.

We give free advice over the phone and sometimes help you fix things yourself in those phone calls.

We clear up the mess and while we’re working, keep it to a minimum.

We don’t leave you without water overnight (unless it’s a very extreme situation).

In short, we treat you the way we like to be treated ourselves.

Is this extraordinary?

Extraordinary Customer Service

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