Have you looked around you recently?

Do you realise how many things you are missing with every sweep of your gaze?
The same is true of everything you hear.

Our eyes and ears are merely the receivers. Up to 80% of what we ‘see’ or ‘hear’ is filtered out. This doesn’t happen at our eyes or ears though…..

As children we don’t have these filters. Infants are constantly exploring the world through the senses alone. What does it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like?

As we grow and are able to utter sounds they fascinate us. We want to make them again and again.

Children experience moments as they happen. A child can easily be distracted from pain after they’ve grazed their knee. They can just as easily be focused upon it depending on the reaction shown by those around them.

How is this possible? A pain is a pain right?
Sure, a pain is a pain, and then it’s gone. It’s our memory of it and our focus upon it that keeps it alive.

How comes a memory or a smell can bring up things that are long in the past?

We store so much in our unconscious mind that can be invoked in a split second. It’s gone, it doesn’t REALLY exist, yet we can feel the same emotion as if we are re-living all over again.

There is a syndrome, false limb syndrome. The arm/leg aches, or itches, yet there is no arm/leg.
The unconscious mind has been hard wired to believe the limb is there. When the limb is gone the unconscious doesn’t ‘know’ this.

The unconscious mind does not distinguish between the real, imagined, made up or remembered.

Now, you may think this is a hopeless situation.

In fact, it is a very hope-full situation indeed. It means that we can re-train, or re-program our unconscious to believe something else is true.

The fact is, it takes just 21 days to re-wire a pathway in the brain.
A person with certain ‘brain damage’ can re-learn to say speak, or walk, or recognize numbers. The brain re-configures it’s neural net to make this possible. But only if the individual wants it to happen.

Without the will, there is no way.

When we first learn a new skill, like walking, riding a bike, driving a car. We use all our senses to concentrate on that task. As we do it more and more, it becomes automatic. We no longer need to ‘think’ about it. Our neural pathways have been re-wired. Or should I say we have re-wired it.

Sound crazy? Maybe, but try it.

Be present. Experience life through your senses. Enjoy every thing you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Notice that when you do this, you not only take in more of what is around you, but also, as you take notice of your emotional state too, you’ll find that in those moments of being ‘present’ you are not thinking about your problems. Now, do this every day. Do it all the time. Do it constantly for 21 days.
While you are doing this you’re living in ‘appreciation’.
We live in a world full of beauty.
We may have grown up, but the beauty is still here.

I PROMISE you, as you start to live in appreciation, and you start to re-wire your unconscious mind to form this as your new habit, your life will change in ways that you couldn’t imagine.
With all your senses alive and active, you’ll notice when it does.

21 days to begin to change your life.

Personally… I’m on day 15.

Don’t dream it, be it

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