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If you are a female plumber reading this; you will know how much you are loved by your customers. You have no doubt heard many stories from them about disasters they’ve had, and how different it is having you in their homes.

This message needs to be broadcast on a wider scale. I was speaking to a researcher today. He told me about a trucking company owner who is bound by equal opportunities laws that means he has to employ women on an equal basis to men. The thing is, this man was over joyed by the women he employed. On a regular basis they would clean, the cabs of the truck, wipe down the greasy residues off the doors. They were just as competent (if not more so) than the guys, they put in extra hours and would do the little things the guys wouldn’t think about, like vacuum out the back of the truck after a delivery.

On speaking to colleges and trainers of women plumbers (and believe me I’ve done a lot of that recently) they consistently tell me that the women are acing all their studies. They turn up early to class and are often the last to leave. They practice more, and don’t submit a piece of work until they are sure it’s ‘perfect’. As students and work mates they are easy to get along with. They use their initiative, and don’t waste any of the time spent in college.

In conversations with merchants and suppliers, they say, when a woman comes in, she buys what she needs and then leaves. She doesn’t spend any time ‘hanging around’.

If you are a student reading this you’ll probably be wondering about whether you have a future in plumbing. The categorical answer is YES YOU DO.

Last month we had a meeting in which we decided; enough is enough. We have too many women contacting us that have spent time and money training, but are now finding they can’t complete their training, because this system is letting them down when it comes to placements.

We have a national scheme to help you become qualified by gaining experience in the real world.

We help competent trainee women plumbers gain experience at their own pace.

We trust that you’ll be the judge of this, in fact, we often have to encourage women a bit in this. Usually, women plumbers lack confidence, not competence.

You’ll start off with small jobs to become familiar with everything going into people’s houses involves and gradually increase the complexity of what you do.

We run a technical helpline, so none of our plumbers is ever alone out there and we also provide training in addition to what is covered in college so that you’ll gain a thorough understanding of systems etc.

We also have a Big Sister scheme where our plumbers work alongside one another and in which Hattie works with plumbers so you can take on any job and you and the customer benefit from her over 20 years experience.

You can also help us to help you. I’m sure you have told your friends and family that you are training right? Well now you can tell them about our scheme. It is for customers wanting bathroom refurbishments or anything else.

They get the bathroom of their dreams, you get your qualification signed off.

Customers Love Us!

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