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Women ARE Plumbers, and women CAN plumb!

Let’s move on Please!

While the conversation around women plumbing is stuck at the first hurdle (the too often asked ‘can women be plumbers?’ or ‘do women want to be plumbers?’) the real issues of how to attract women into the industry and retain them get forgotten.

Women Are Plumbers

Women Are Plumbers

Here are a few of us at the Installer Show 2019. Not only were we there, but we were welcomed and that is an amazing advance in the industry. We formed the discussion around women in the industry AND founder Hattie Hasan won the first ever Merit award for the work she is doing for women in this industry.

We are very proud

Here we are with Vaillant UK, one of our major supporters for the Women Installers Together Conference.

We are now recruiting plumbers and gas engineers throughout London, Lancashire and the Midlands.

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Women aren’t just plumbers, we’re excellent plumbers!