We are often asked for a Case Study  of a woman plumber or a case study of a typical Stopcocks franchisee. Our experience shows that there is no typical Stopcocks franchisee, so there isn’t a typical case study; here though, very briefly is Julie’s story.

Julie is the Stopcocks Woman Plumber in Oldham and Saddleworth.

Case study

Julie; Stopcocks franchisee in Oldham and Saddleworth.

After working for 22 years as an engineer she read Hattie’s book, The Joy of Plumbing and retrained as a plumber.


Whilst retraining Julie also worked part-time, initially doing small plumbing jobs for friends and family. After three years she finally decided to become a plumber full time, but found that this was isolating and stressful and that she sometimes needed technical support. All of this affected her confidence as a plumber.


Rather than give up Julie joined Stopcocks Women Plumbers in 2015. She now works for herself but not alone, she says:


“I love being a Stopcocks plumber because it’s great having the support of the office where someone always knows where I am, and answers my calls. HQ collects payments from my customers and takes care of my online marketing and social media.

I’m confident I now have a reliable income, which has reduced my stress loads!

I can get technical back-up for jobs I haven’t done before, and recently I’ve started my Gas-Safe training working with Hattie as a mentor, its great learning new stuff all the time and working with other women plumbers.

It makes a big difference now I’ve got backup I can rely on 100% to deal with customers for me and someone who’ll pick up the phone to help with a technical problem or just chat about things in general.

I haven’t looked back since joining, now I don’t worry about where my next job is coming from, I know the phone’s going to ring. I’m earning good money and increasing my skillset alongside a friendly team working for me.

I just couldn’t have done it without Stopcocks”.

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