Keep safe and help your family stay safe by following these

7 simple Gas Safety Week  Tips.


Gas Safety Week is September 19th – 25th.

Tip 1. Only use your gas appliances for their intended use
Gas Safety Week Tips 1


Tip 2. Are your relatives and neighbours ready for Winter?


Safe and cozy woman by her gas fire Gas Safety Week Tips 2


Tip 3. Never try to fix an appliance yourself

Gas engineer fixing boiler Gas Safety Week Tips - 3

Tip 4. Always check the ID card of anyone who says they are Gas Safe. The back gives expiry dates. Be sure the engineer is up to date.

Check your gas installer's ID - Gas safety Week Tips 4


Tip 5. Always make sure your Carbon Monoxide alarm has a full battery. If you don’t have one Stopcocks can provide you with the best advice and buying guides.

test your CO alarm - Gas Safety Week Tips 5

Tip 6. Make sure you have your appliances serviced every year. If you have a landlord they must provide you with a Gas Safety Certificate.

Gas Safety Weeks Tips 6 - set reminders


Tip 7. Older properties with gas fires in chimneys must be checked and cleared of any debris. Blocked chimneys are the biggest cause of carbon monoxide production.

Blocked chimneys are dangerous, Gas Safety Week Tips 7

Follow these Gas Safety Week Tips to keep your family safe all year