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Clean Water – Join Us in Kenya

Some of the KACH kids

Some of the KACH kids

Coming Soon – Stopcocks Clean Water Project – Kithoka, Kenya

20th October-3rd November 2015

You can still join us


We’ve checked the flights and there are still a few spaces stopping over for just a few hours in Istanbul and so keeping the flight time down to just over 12 hours from London to Nairobi.

Make A Difference

by joining us at the inspiring Kithoka Amani Children’s Home (KACH) in Meru.

A couple of years ago we sent money for a rain-water harvesting system to be built. Sadly that leaks, so we’re going to fix it.

That will supply water for the garden so that KACH can continue to increase their food independence.

A bore hole is being drilled for a regular water supply for the children’s home and community who live at KACH.

We’ll be carrying out plumbing work to take that water where it needs to be. Creating a regular water supply for drinking and bathing.

This will make a significant different to everyone who lives at KACH, where over 30 children now live in a safe, loving, nurturing environment, in small family groups.

Off to school

Off to school

The whole philosophy of KACH is of Empowerment, Education and Entrepreneurship. The children go to school and the women who live in the community are involved in micro-finance groups to enable them to set up their own businesses.

Currently they make soap, cloth, clothes, jewellery and run a hairdressing salon as well as growing their own food.

Weaving to create income for community members Weaving to create independent income for community members

Education doesn’t stop there. This community believe in being self-supporting and sustainable; so they also bring education, especially on the peaceful path to self-dependence to other communities.

Some of the children who live at KACH

Some of the children who live at KACH

In addition to plumbing and teaching basic plumbing skills to community members we’ll be having some fun ourselves.

On our way to Meru we’ll be stopping at the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust to visit the pioneering elephant orphanage there

Orphaned elephants are given love and a new life where they eventually live in herds in the wild

Orphaned elephants are given love and a new life where they eventually live in herds in the wild

and also crossing the equator – seeing water reverse it’s direction, eating at a restaurant in a huge tree and on the way back to Nairobi, as a treat after our hard work we’ll be staying overnight at a nature conservancy  and going on an early morning safari to see some of the ‘Big Five’ animals who live there, wild.

See wild animals in their natural habitat

See wild animals in their natural habitat

Do good and have fun: Bring a secure supply of fresh drinking water to the children and adults who live at KACH and contribute to elephants at the orphanage and who live in the Nature Conservancy.

To find out more and join us call 0800 862 0010 or email NOW

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