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Stopcocks Endorsed By Badge

Stopcocks Endorsed By Badge

Mica May, Director of Stopcocks Women Plumbers explains the new ways skilled trades women and householders will benefit from the expanding Stopcocks brand.

We’re already known as the place for trainee and new women plumbers to come for quality mentoring and support as they begin their businesses as self-employed plumbers. Now we’re expanding Stopcocks so that experienced and established women in any trade; not just plumbing, can benefit from the Stopcocks brand.

Stopcocks brand is now well known in the media and has a great reputation among customers and in social media*.

We’re easy to find on Google and many of our customers want to be able to find trades women they can trust all in one place. So we’re going to give them that option with our new Endorsed by Stopcocks affiliation scheme.

Experienced female plumbers, electricians, plasterers, joiners etc can now all join the scheme and be Endorsed by Stopcocks.

This is not just about getting more customers. The Stopcocks brand is well known for trust and great quality customer service. Now tradeswomen from any trade can ally with Stopcocks and benefit from this trust. Being part of the trusted brand will allow skilled tradeswomen to be recognised for the excellence of their customer service too.

For tradeswomen – who are sometimes so soft hearted we’ve heard you sometimes swap excellent rewiring for jars of home made jam, this will mean you can pick and choose jobs. Increasing income without increasing your hours worked.

Too many tradeswomen have told us how they work till late at night, not just on the job, but creating accurate estimates and so on. Often you’re afraid to turn down work or ask customers to wait; this can lead to stress and burnout – we all want our tradeswomen to have long careers where you can continue to serve your loyal customers. So minimising this is a must!

Not just that, we’ll answer the phone to anyone who calls as a result of  our promotion of you and when you go on holiday, you can transfer all calls to us. So you never miss a call when you go away and come home to customers who’re happy to wait for you! Our experience shows that customers who’ve spoken to a real human, not just a voice mail are more than 80% more likely to wait and choose our tradeswomen than to go elsewhere.

Expanding Stopcocks means that more householders in more parts of the UK will be able to call on trustworthy tradeswomen who’ll respect their home, their time and them as individuals.

Expanding Stopcocks means that more customers will be able to benefit from the one-stop-shop they’ve been asking us for.

Expanding Stopcocks means the brand will be even better known benefitting more tradeswomen and householders all over UK.

So join us now and benefit from the expanding Stopcocks. Read more here then email or call 0800 8620010 to arrange to speak to someone about the new scheme.

*If you’re interested in our Full Licence we still provide this. The Full Licence includes our well known Mentoring Service supporting women in developing skills, confidence and competence in your chosen trade. Our Mentoring includes phone mentoring (including pre-job advice and support, plus on the job phone support) and on-site mentoring for bigger jobs where Licencees work alongside a more experienced tradeswoman. Call us on 0800 8620010 for more information