One of the attractions of buying a Stopcocks Women Plumbers franchise is the Stopcocks Mentoring Scheme.

Using straps to get a heavy radiator up a narrow staircase
Lifting a heavy radiator up a narrow staircase with their brains.

We know that plumbing is so complicated and the situations plumbers encounter are so varied, even very experienced plumbers can benefit from talking through what will be the best solution for a customer’s particular situation. This is where the Stopcocks Mentoring Scheme really helps.

For newer plumbers, encountering situations for the first time is can be essential and for plumbers in training, working alongside an experienced plumber is part of qualifying – in ideal situations. The Stopcocks Mentoring Scheme is our innovative way of helping women plumbers who’re on their path to join us qualify and gain confidence and competence.

Hattie loves passing her knowledge as a plumber on.

Working on a big refurbishment project was an ideal opportunity to take Daisy, plumber in training out of the college workshop and into the real world to see how different it is. The Stopcocks Mentoring Scheme in action.

First they had to get a long, double radiator up a very narrow staircase. This was a case of lifting it with their brains, not brawn. It isn’t uncommon for physically big plumbers to damage their backs lifting heavy objects. The majority of our plumbers are small, which means they’re often better at protecting their backs because they learn clever ways of lifting without strain.

Then Hattie showed Daisy how to measure up to hang the radiator and put the fixings in the wall so that they’d hold the weight of the radiator. 

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After helping hang the radiator Daisy got down and dirty ripping out the old bathroom


Hattie showing Daisy in detail how to carry out some important processes.


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How Stopcocks Mentoring Works
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