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No more worries over toilet roll supplies. Get a toilet spritzer now and enjoy feeling fresh and clean without paper.

The toilet spritzer in our bathroom

The spritzer in our bathroom.

We’ve had a spritzer in our own home for over a year and love the fresh clean feeling, washing with water gives us.

We save money on toilet roll – people spend around £1 a week on it, and we’re not adding to the tons of paper flushed into our overloaded eco-system every day.

Order your toilet spritzer now and we’ll send a Stopcocks plumber to fit it.

Use water, not paper. Spritzers clean you far better than wiping with paper.

It’s best to get your toilet spritzer fitted by a plumber to avoid ‘back flow’ – contaminated water flowing back into your water supply. When a competent plumber fits a toilet spritzer it’s quickly done with a minimum of disruption.

No need to worry if you’re a water metre, spritzers only minimally increase your water use.

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