The bathroom can be one of the most important rooms in the house. The place you go to get away from the kids or to let all your troubles float away in a relaxing bubble bath. If that’s what your bathroom means to you it’s important that it’s a place you can easily relax in.

But what if the room is small or you want to be able to dive into the quickest most powerful shower every morning?

Maybe a wet-room is more to your liking

At Stopcocks Women Plumbers we pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide during the planning, designing and installing of your bathroom or wet-room so it’s an asset if you decide to sell your home.

For older customers wet-rooms can bring a touch of luxury at the same time as making it easy to retain independence for longer.

If choosing a wet-room there are many practical questions: what type of shower will suit your water heating system? Tiling or panelling on the walls, a formed or tiled floor?

Our plumbers are happy to visit so they can give you advice and help you plan*.

Wet rooms offer sleek lines and stunning finishes.

With no nooks and crannies, wet rooms are easy to clean.

To make it extra luxurious, you may consider electric underfloor heating too**

Our plumbers are trained to help you to choose the right solution for your situation, your home and your budget.

Our plumbers work with other trades too. If you want electric underfloor heating, we can help find an electrician***. If you are doing a complete re model and plastering needs doing, we can help find the right plasterer*** we trust. Some of our plumbers are excellent tilers too, but if our plumber can’t do it…she’ll help you find a tiler*** who can.

Customer Feedback

We went away and when we got back our whole house had changed for the better. You’d never known we’d had plumbers in if it wasn’t for the beautiful bathroom. Thank You Stopcocks Women Plumbers.
J Paterson

It was such a brilliant idea to use our airing cupboard for installing a shower.
C King

*Our plumbers do not charge a call out but may ask for travel expenses if the consultation is over 30mins

**This requires an electrician to make the final connections. Ask your plumber for more information.

***If you prefer we try to make sure all other trades are women too, we cannot guarantee this.

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