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Our History

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In late 2006, 16 years after founding Stopcocks Hattie Hasan stood in front of 250 entrepreneurs and vowed to build an army of women plumbers. Together we would make a difference to the terrible situation in so many parts of the world where the water they drink is killing them!

She had NO idea how that would be achieved. She didn’t know it would mean doing things no woman had done before and creating a national brand dedicated to customer service and even a franchise.

She started anyway; re-branded to create Stopcocks Women Plumbers and set about seeking her counterparts. Not an easy task, since they were so few.

We tried one thing, we failed, we tried another, we failed, we gave up and did something else completely, we lost all our money and came back to plumbing. We banged on doors and banged our heads against brick walls and still got nowhere.

We cried like women plumbers (without leaking). We felt like giving up often, but somehow, we didn’t.

There was no money in it, but we sent out our newsletter to women plumbers and talked about women plumbers in blogs and articles. It served to get the name of Stopcocks out into the public arena.

By 2010 we needed a wider reach and Hattie began the process by writing her book. ‘The Joy of Plumbing – a Guide to Living the Life you Really, Really Want” was published in January 2011.

In July 2011 we created the first national network of self-employed women plumbers and heating engineers ever, anywhere.

Now the name Stopcocks Women Plumbers means you can find a woman plumber or heating engineer who you know has:

  • trained
  • is trained in delivering excellent customer service
  • has received additional training so that she understands diagnosis and systems and is
  • backed up by over 20 years of skill and expertise she’s free to call on for a second opinion

Plus vitally for you a customer; she is a self-employed plumber/heating engineer who is part of the only national franchise of women plumbers and heating engineers, committed to quality and customer service.

Stopcocks Women Plumbers champion the feminine way to plumb.

This is totally different from what existed before.

We focus on customers and customer care, delightful service, exceptional results.

This means communicating openly and clearly

Minimal disruption for your home and life

Giving you the results you want at a fair price

Dealing with the inevitable unexpected

Empowering you in the way we help you to create a beautiful home that works beautifully

We’re creating the army of women plumbers Hattie vowed to form.

Some of those are women she inspired while she was in Kenya working with them to design an appropriate rainwater harvesting system that collects 40,000 litres of usable water.

Others are the women in UK who’re becoming plumbers and heating engineers because we’ve changed the way females are perceived within the industry.

And then there are the women who join us as self-employed Stopcocks Women Plumbers and heating engineers

In September 2017 the first Women Installers Together event was launched, bringing together female plumbers and heating engineers from all over the UK. Some had never met another woman installer before.

This event was sponsored and supported by leading industry partners, and has grown into the only event of its kind on the ‘plumbing’ calendar.

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