Kirstie Sargeant is the Taps Traps and Toilets Dr. for  Tunbridge Wells

She’ll sort out all your annoying small plumbing jobs in Tunbridge Wells

Kirstie covers: Tunbridge Wells


To contact Kirstie

0800 8620010 
or use the contact form here

Kirstie Sargeant - For all your small plumbing jobs, Tunbridge Wells
Kirstie Sargeant - Taps, Traps and Toilet Dr for all your small plumbing jobs in Tunbridge Wells


  • Toilet repairs
  • Tap repairs or replacements inside and outside
  • Washing machine/dishwasher connection
  • Fix, drips and smells from traps
  • All small plumbing jobs in Tunbridge Wells

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More about Kirstie

Originally from Canterbury, I relocated to Tunbridge Wells with my partner in 2017.
Prior to that I studied Occupational therapy and Biosciences at Canterbury Christ Church University but I knew ultimately, I wanted to pursue a trade career. I’ve always had an affinity with water and a fascination in understanding how things work and go together, so plumbing was the obvious choice for me.
After relocating, I began work as a cycle technician whilst I planned my next move. I was excited to come across Stopcocks and decided to become a plumber with them because of the great support and flexibility it offers me to focus on my passion for plumbing and growing my business.
“It’s great to be a part of Stopcocks Women Plumbers, making a mark in a male dominated industry. I love the freedom and opportunity to grow whilst serving my community in Tunbridge Wells.”