How Stopcocks Works

It’s our aim at Stopcocks Women Plumbers to make your life easier.

We know that sometimes people put off calling a plumber because they’re worried. It’s our intention to remove that worry from your life.

All our plumbers are fully trained and competent, not just that, because we know they can’t all be experts in everything, we provide them with a technical helpline so they can discuss the best solution for you with another expert.

We believe you deserve a proper thorough solution and that often two heads are better than one.

So when you call our freephone number (0800 8620010) or fill out a form on our website you can know you will be getting the best quality of attention every step of the way.

You’ll also be served by a plumber/heating engineer who has received training in customer service and who has agreed to adhere to our high standards.

When you call you will be answered by a human being*.

On the very rare occasions when you are answered by a voicemail not a person your message will be responded to within 2 or at the very longest 4 (working) hours.

Our friendly telephone answerer will take your contact details and a brief summary of the problem and pass this information to your nearest Stopcocks Woman Plumber who will usually call you back the same day to arrange a suitable time to come round.

If we don’t have someone in your area* or she is unable to call you back we will let you know. *We spearhead a national community of women plumbers and other trades, we can often source you a woman plumber, heating engineer or other tradeswoman through this community if you’d like us to.

You will receive an email confirming your appointment – we’re all so busy, it’s easy to forget appointments (the system is slightly different if we’ve found you a woman plumber or tradeswoman through our wider community).

The plumber/heating engineer will carry out the work and invoice you through our online system.

Once the work is complete you can pay by bank transfer at your convenience.  Our payment terms are 7 days, if you forget, after 7 days we’ll give you a ring to gently remind you that payment is due.

If you wish you can give feedback to the office about your plumber/heating engineer, and we can pass this on to them.

If you email or send in a form to request work you will be responded to the same day but please, if it’s urgent, phone us.

We do not provide an emergency or out-of-hours service

We’re a franchise, which means that all the plumbers/heating engineers we use are self-employed, with their first responsibility to you as their own customer. But the best thing about using a Stopcocks Woman Plumber is that by them being part of the national Stopcocks company, you can also depend on the standards you will receive.

Because of the feedback you give us we can ensure that we maintain our high standards of plumbing and customer service.

We believe in second chances, so if you do have anything to say that can help one of our plumbers improve please let us know.

We don’t depend on ‘star’ ratings, and take your feedback very seriously, which is why we like to speak to you. If a plumber is repeatedly falling short of either our high standards or in customer service, we will send her on remedial training or even in extreme circumstances, let her go.

We also take feedback seriously when our plumbers/heating engineers are doing well, and always pass on praise. We may ask you if we can use your comments on our website or Twitter.

*Opening hours are 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday, 10am-4pm Saturdays.
Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays