We believe that as a plumbing and heating company we’re unique. Established in 1990, Stopcocks have always put the needs of the customer first

Hattie Mentoring

Our history

When Hattie Hasan started Stopcocks in 1990 it’s central pillars were Respect, Peace of Mind, Quality Service and Aftercare. We believed then (and still do) that you, your home and your time deserve respect and the highest quality services. Customers deserve better than the treatment we know they traditionally receive from plumbers and other tradespeople. By standing for quality customer service we aim to change the culture of the manual trades, especially of traders who come into your sanctuary, your home.

Stopcocks Women Plumbers mission has always centred on serving our customers. Although our mission has grown, nothing has changed and these four pillars remain at the centre of our approach.

The way forward

From 1990 to 2016 Stopcocks has grown from one woman and her vision into a national company showcasing excellent women plumbers and heating engineers

In March 2017 Stopcocks Women Plumbers launched as a national franchise with the Stopcocks Business Accelerator Scheme.

By franchising we are creating a way to increase the numbers of Stopcocks Women Plumbers, making them easy to find and providing an assurance for customers at the same time as supporting more women plumbers to grow their own businesses.

From now on you will have a choice – to choose a plumber/heating engineer you know is excellent, who is trained in customer service to our demanding standards.

We have created standards so that you can choose a someone who really cares about you, your home and your time. Who cares about the quality of plumbing and customer service they give you.

Because they are all self-employed, our plumbers/heating engineers care deeply about retaining you as their customer, they are personally invested in your customer satisfaction, each are personally accountable to you as their own customer.

By choosing a Stopcocks Woman Plumber/heating engineer you are choosing a national company who are different because of the quality of our customer service, as well as the quality of our work, you gain the extra assurance of a national brand committed to customer service.

As a customer it’s a win-win to use a Stopcocks Woman Plumber!

All our plumbers/heating engineers are fully trained* and continue to receive our unique training in customer service as well as system design and fault diagnosis. No training of this nature is delivered elsewhere within the industry.

We meet all your plumbing needs from leaking pipes through creating hot water and a warm house to designing and installing your dream bathroom.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

*Since the plumbing in each person’s home is very different, we provide an exclusive mentoring service to all our plumbers. This means that they can discuss your specific situation and issues with a highly experienced professional in order to create the very best solution for you; we believe you deserve a thorough and properly thought out solution.

Our Vision and Mission


  • We want to bring tradeswomen together to change the UK construction and skilled trades landscape for good.
  • We want to give customers the access to skilled tradespeople they can rely on and trust in their homes.
  • We want to enable and empower anyone considering a career in skilled trades and, moreover, to make skilled trades a career to aspire to and a highly respected career choice for women and men.
  • We want to raise the profile and numbers of women plumbers in the UK.
  • We want a world where everyone has access to clean water, a good education and rewarding work.


  • We will grow Stopcocks Women Plumbers as a brand standing for excellence in plumbing, customer service and quality.
  • We will offer every householder the choice of a trustworthy, highly competent, quality woman plumber/heating engineer.
    We will create an environment where women are able to train, gain skills and competence, qualify and work as plumbers and heating engineers.
  • We will ensure all our plumbers/heating engineers buy into the ethos that new plumbers need a supportive environment to gain skills and competence within their business (once it has reached sufficient size).
  • We will test the quality of all our plumbers’ plumbing and customer service skills before they join us, and confirm their Gas Safe registration if appropriate.
  • We will provide customer service training as part of our induction package and ensure all our plumbers/heating engineers have access to remedial training where necessary and appropriate.
  • We will mentor our team for continued technical skills development and provide opportunities for them to engage in clean water sustainability work as volunteers alongside our global partners IPI/KACH, Plumbers Without Borders and iFundi.