Stopcocks Women Plumbers/heating engineers are heroes every day and we want you to join us.

Whether you’ve already trained as a plumber or heating engineer or if you’re still considering your options, the Stopcocks Business Incubator is an excellent choice for female service leavers.

Great plumbers and heating engineers are people who can keep a cool head in a crisis. Although not all plumbing is emergency work, customers are often stressed when they’re having work carried out in their homes and your ability to keep calm can help them feel confident.

The Stopcocks Business Incubator gives female service leavers the freedom and work life balance of choosing your own hours and working with no one looking over your shoulder at the same time as giving you a team to work alongside and a business system to follow; the ideal half-way house between going it totally alone and feeling hemmed in by the restrictions of a job.

And it helps you get ginghams quickly.

Our female plumbers and heating engineers are in great demand to bring safe water to taps, save families from floods and heat their homes.

Female service leavers who’ve trained to a high level as plumbers and heating engineers can quickly plug into a rich supply of customers through the Stopcocks Business Incubator scheme.

Customers around the UK are waiting for female plumbers and heating engineers in their area, we know because we get calls from people in places we don’t even promote in. Rather than finding a job and moving to that area, with a Stopcocks franchise you can pick an area and move there, secure in the knowledge you’ll have our help to get a steady stream of customers calling quickly. Our national marketing and the ways we’ll show you how to promote yourself locally will combine to bring you more customers faster than by going it alone.

Our mentoring service is unique. In plumbing, every home and situation is different. Our mentoring service helps you with situations you haven’t dealt with before, meaning you can take on a wider range of work, sooner. Your ability to size situations up quickly combined with Stopcocks excellent mentoring service will give you the confidence to get out there. Plus several top manufacturers provide training directly to our franchisees putting you ahead of the game and helping you earn a higher income that you can rely on.

The ideal set-up for service leavers, utilising your skills and independence, providing freedom, with the backup of a great team

Wherever you are in your resettlement journey we want to hear from you; whether you’re looking for the best training as a plumber or heating engineer for you or if you’ve already completed your training and are ready to start working, we’re here to help you, find your way, earn more and gain a secure income, quicker.

At Stopcocks Women Plumbers we provide all the systems you need to quickly build a customer base and start earning.

Our systems are second to none, from the bespoke online communication system that lets you organise your diary and complete invoices on the go, to our friendly, professional call answering service and payment collections; we take care of the jobs you’d rather not spend your time doing, so you can spend more time earning, or relaxing.

If you’re looking for the freedom of self-employment and want to get going quickly with the support of a friendly and involved team, excellent work-life balance, the satisfaction of working directly with customers in their own homes and a job well done – the Stopcocks Business Incubator is for you.

Stopcocks are one of very few franchises or businesses specifically designed for women, the only one for women plumbers/heating engineers. Our friendly team are here to help.

To our customers Stopcocks Women Plumbers are heroes in their homes!

Join us if you are ready to run a successful business; working for yourself but not alone.