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3 tips to avoid scary Halloween plumbing disasters

The spookiest season of them all is in full swing, from watching your favourite scary movies to trick-or-treating, the last thing you need is a plumbing problem to spoil your plans. So leave the plumbing tricks to us and starting enjoying all the treats this bewitched season has to offer by avoiding these halloween plumbing nightmares!

Be careful not to cause scary blockages

Scare party guests by all means but don’t cause frightening blockages by washing debris down the bath or loo!

1. Hubble, bubble toil and trouble; Pumpkin carving and drains will bubble…

Trouble is right… pumpkin pulp and seeds are not meant for your sink, bath, shower or toilet. If pumpkin carving is part of your Halloween plans then it is important to stay mindful of where you choose to dispose of your goo and seeds. As you remove the insides from your pumpkins, keep the guts away from your drains. The sticky pumpkin pulp can block your sink drains and clog your toilet. The guts may seem soft, but they can harden in your pipes and cause problems. Pumpkin pulp and seeds can even land those of us with a waste disposal in the middle of a halloween plumbing nightmare. Keep your plumbing damage free by eating delicious pumpkin dishes made from the pulp and grow your own for next year from the seeds (or pop any waste in your food recycling).

If you love the picture here and copy the gory scene to scare party guests, make certain anything you wash down your bath or shower is liquid only and don’t clog the loo with debris either!

2. Put a stop to all the spooky sounds

Are strange noises keeping you up at night? The haunting sounds of your pipes banging, thumping and rattling are scary for more than one reason. When you hear your pipes making these noises it may be a warning sign of something seriously wrong. Your water pressure may be too high, or something could be loose.

As a worst case scenario, loose pipes can cause flooding in your home among other things and you should have them fixed ASAP to avoid a real Halloween plumbing nightmare. Find out the cause of those spooky noises by giving us a call on 0800 8620010 or  filling in our form

3. Beware of leaky taps

Frightening enough, a leaky tap could be a sign of potential underlying problems with your plumbing system but that isn’t the scariest thing about a leaky tap. According to National Geographic leaks contribute to about 14% of our average water use each day. Which means the (short term) scariest thing about a leaky tap is all the money you might be wasting on your water bill. Even small and slow leaks add up. Have a professional fix your leaky tap and stop your money from going down the drain.

Seriously though, we’re all now much more aware of the environmental damage wasting water can cause. Don’t have that waste on your conscience and fix those leaks!

4. Don’t be a scaredy cat, you aren’t alone!

If a plumbing nightmare does strike your home this Halloween season, we are here for you. Our professionals are friendly and helpful, just contact us here no matter how scary it may seem!

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