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Why Use a Woman Plumber?

A Woman Plumber removing a basin

A woman plumber removing a basin

Mica May from Stopcocks Women Plumbers examines what prompts customers to choose a woman plumber.

This seems a strange question to us, after all, when customers call, they’ve already made that decision.
Frequently when they call they have a sad tale to tell before they reach their own request. Many of them have had bad experiences with plumbers and are looking for a plumber who will treat them with respect; in despair at poor workmanship, rudeness, overcharging or simply, plumbers who don’t turn up; with head in hands they wonder “what kind of plumber will treat me differently to this?” and they come up with the answer – a woman plumber.

They hope this assumption is correct and often apologise because they know it’s one coming from our expectations that women plumbers will look after them better than men.

We’re aware of this so we do our very best to rise to the challenge. Often our testimonials from customers mention this first, so we think we’re getting it right.

Journalists and others; male and female who don’t see themselves in the role of a customer seem to be the ones who ask the question most often. Usually they say that as long as someone does a good job they’re really not bothered whether their plumber, electrician, whoever, is a woman, but then it’s interesting to watch them step from one perspective to another as they ‘become’ a customer and answer their own question.

Well, I suppose a woman plumber will clean up after herself
I guess women plumbers turn up on time
A woman plumber is less likely to patronise me in my own home
Women Plumbers probably put covers down so they don’t ruin the carpet
I’m really not sure why I think this, but I somehow expect a woman plumber won’t overcharge me.

The issue is not so much why anyone would use a woman plumber, but thinking of looking for one before the horror story starts click here to avoid all that

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