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Frozen Taps Cost Money – Easy DIY Plumbing Tips Anyone Can Use


Christmas is coming and the weather’s getting cold.

Taps and pipes can freeze

Frozen outside tap

Don’t get caught out by frozen taps.

Even when they’re well lagged, outside taps and pipes are can freeze and burst very easily.

Don’t take the risk.

Turn off outside taps!

It’s easy. Your outside tap should have an isolation valve, most of them have a small screw on the pipe leading to the tap – indoors.

Using a screwdriver, turn this screw 90 degrees so that the groove lies across the pipe. That is, so that it looks like a line across the pipe.

That’s it, the water is off.

Remember the next important thing. The water remaining in the pipe can still freeze and burst the pipe!

Open the tap so that any water in the pipe can flow out.

Leave the tap open so that any drips that may come through can flow out easily and harmlessly.

A few more seasonal precautions

Clean out gutters and make certain the downpipes are clear.

Leaves that fell into the gutter during autumn may be blocking the drainpipe.

If this freezes with water in it can cause further damage and if the gutter is full you will have a very unpleasant time when the water gushes over the top.

Make sure the timers are correct on your heating. This is self-explanatory, just remember to check them.

Also, check thermostats.

Do you have good insulation?

There is still time.

Remember, energy isn’t green if it’s wasted.

What about drips?

Are all your taps working perfectly?
Get them fixed and don’t waste even cold water.


Follow this simple advice and you won’t need to call a Stopcocks Woman Plumber.

We’re here to help on 0800 862 0010

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