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Want to become a plumber?

Calling Women Plumbers!

Calling Women Plumbers!

Work for yourself with the support and back up of Britain’s first and foremost company of Women Plumbers.

Are you fed up of the restrictions of your job?
Would you love to have the flexibility and control of working for yourself?
Would you love to be able to give your work the care and attention your customers deserve, and get paid for that extra care?
Would you prefer to work in an environment where YOU are in charge?
Do you have concerns about the isolation of going it alone?
Are you worried about the business of setting yourself up in business?

I love my Stopcocks Bathroom

I love my Stopcocks Bathroom

Never fear, Stopcocks Women Plumbers are here!

We’re not just the customers champion, standing up for great customer service.
Our business is making sure your Stopcocks Women Plumbers business goes well.
We will help you get started and grow so that your own business as a Stopcocks Woman Plumber grows faster and is more secure than if you were to go it alone.

Our Stopcocks Women Plumbers work for themselves with the added security of knowing they’re backed by the first and best known company of Women Plumbers in the UK.

Ever wondered how you can become known as your region’s most trustworthy as well as it’s best woman plumber? Join Stopcocks Women Plumbers and join the biggest and best known brand of women plumbers.
We’re changing things for the better for customers and for women plumbers around the UK.

Call us now to find out everything that purchasing a licence will give you 0800 862 0010

Stopcocks Women Plumbers working for ourselves but not alone.

As a Stopcocks Woman Plumber you will be working independently but with back up from our Mother Ship.
You choose when you work to suit yourself and your customers.
You set your prices, allowing you to give the time and attention your customers deserve.
You are in charge of customer service and relationships, meaning your happy customers appreciate the respect you give them and recommend you freely.
We support you with the technicalities of plumbing
We support you in your business
You’re part of the first and best known community of women plumbers, known for high quality plumbing and customer care.

  • Monica Stewart
    3:30 PM, 26 October 2014

    Hello, I am in Columbus, Oh and I love your passion for helping women in this field. I have been a plumber for 20 years, went through an apprenticeship program with plumbers local 55 in Cleveland oh and now work as a plumber II for Ohio State. I am tired of working for the man and being held back for positions that have been given to men. I am thinking about going into business here for myself but I am afraid of giving up my job and benefits. Any suggestions or anyone you know in the United States that could help?

    • admin
      11:31 AM, 16 February 2015

      Monica, have you joined the Facebook group Sisters in the Building Trades?
      There are lots of employed and self-employed American Trades Women on there who I’m sure can help


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