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Unusual Networking Opportunities

Yesterday I went to the mobile van for a breast screening. At Stopcocks we’re all about empowering women; understanding your own body is a massive aspect of that. I didn’t expect it to be a networking opportunity.


Networking doesn’t have to be this dull


I stood there, half naked waiting for  the hands of a stranger on my girl parts.

As she took hold of me the nurse asked what I do

‘Run the only national company of women plumbers in the world’ I said
Gasps of surprise from both nurses.
‘What’s it called?’ they asked
‘Stopcocks’ I said. Loud guffaws came from the private X Ray room to reassure those waiting.
Then came so many questions I couldn’t hold my breath for them to take the pictures, so more laughing as they went through the exam and I didn’t even notice whether the plates were cold.
I’ve talked about Stopcocks Women Plumbers in a lot of places, but stripped to the waist in a van in a car park with my bosom squashed between two plastic plates? That’s a first!

What’s the most unusual place where you’ve had a networking opportunity?

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