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If Cheap = Nasty, Does Quality = Unaffordable?

As a customer, it’s a given that for quality one has to pay more.

Lets use the example of purchasing a sweater.

If Cheap = Nasty, Does Quality = Unaffordable?

If Cheap = Nasty, Does Quality = Unaffordable?

If we go to ‘Well Known Cheap National Clothing Store’, we know any sweater we buy will probably be made of a synthetic material, it will probably feel sweaty and go out of shape or even fall apart after a few washes. We know we will be paying the lowest price for it and will replace it quickly, should we decide to buy it at all.

If we pay for Vuitton knitwear we expect top quality everything and will pay a premium.

In the middle are Marks & Spencer, where we can get a good quality item, well made out of natural materials. It won’t be cheap but it won’t be exorbitantly priced either. We will expect it to last more than a year and that we’ll probably tire of it before it needs to be thrown away.

But what if the market is flooded with pirated Vuitton knitwear and that is the norm?

What if everyone expects to be charged designer price for something which may (or may not) be made of acrylic and fall apart at the first wash?

What if there had never been a Marks & Spencer standing firm for quality or your money back from which we can measure?

This is the situation we’re in as customers when looking into the trades and their pricing/quality; especially regarding plumbing.

With gas work there is an externally imposed safety standard, but that still doesn’t tell us the operative will be ethical in their business practices with us.

And what about all the other jobs we may need a plumber for?

On more than one occasion recently, at Stopcocks we’ve been told that precisely because we have a guarantee of customer care, potential customers are not contacting us because they believe a Stopcocks Woman Plumber will automatically be too expensive.

A Stopcocks Woman Plumber will not guarantee she will be cheapest; there is always someone prepared to do a ‘cheap’ job and we all know that this will not be the best quality.

But does it automatically follow that a good quality job is therefore unaffordable??

At Stopcocks Women Plumbers, our Customer Care Code extends through honest advice and quality work to fair fees. We believe that just because rogue plumbers charge high fees, we don’t have to.

Part of our mission is to change the prevailing attitude and create a place of fair fees for good work.

We probably won’t be the cheapest, our plumbers do a very good job and we believe in respecting that with fees that mean they can have a good quality of life, but please ask us.

We need you to use us, be impressed and tell your friends.

That’s how you can do your part of changing this cowboy culture to one where customers are no longer ripped off and quality plumbers can live a decent life not being ‘bargained’ down to the bone.


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