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What do Customers Want?

Usually customers want three things in plumbing, something that works well, something that looks amazing and essentially, that’s the right price.
How do these combine?
Which are the priorities?
The look is something a customer can see and comment on as the work progresses, so that is reasonably easy.

The price, well the TV programmes tell us all that the price any plumber gives you is highly inflated, so a plumber has to expect to be beaten down, even when the price they gave in the first place was a fair one.
Eventually however, a price is agreed, something the customer wants that doesn’t kill the plumber.
We’re left with ‘works well’ and this is easily as important as the other two but much more difficult to measure as a job progresses or immediately after.
The smooth working of your plumbing isn’t always something that’s evident until after the plumber’s left and here’s the rub.
A good plumber will come back and keep tweaking until everything is working perfectly. They won’t charge you for the majority of this aftercare but their time and expertise does have to be paid for.
The lowest price given won’t be able to accommodate this level of aftercare.
In these times of tightened belts and Rogue Traders prices get cut and cut as customers taught not to trust any trades person are desperate not to be cheated.
Traders are put in competition with one another and cut their prices to get the job but in the process many are being forced to cut their own throats!

So, what do customers want? What do you want?
The cheapest price, or something that really works?

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