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If you’re a trained or qualified female plumber or Gas Engineer looking for an improved work/life balance you’ve come to the right place.

Stopcocks Women Plumbers are the only national company of self-employed women plumbers anywhere. We’ve worked for years to create an effective business model that provides all the business and technical support you require to work for yourself and build up a secure income quickly.

Hattie Hasan founded Stopcocks in 1990 and has been working tirelessly to improve what's available for women plumbers ever since
Hattie Hasan founded Stopcocks in 1990 and has been working tirelessly to improve what’s available for women plumbers ever since

We have systems and back up so you can spend your time plumbing. We think we’ve come up with the perfect balance between the flexibility of self-employment and the security of working within a national brand whose systems deal with almost all your admin (so you don’t have to spend all your evenings dealing with paperwork) and that’s known and trusted by customers.

The Stopcocks Women Plumbers business model is for you if want to take control of your time and your future by developing your own local, highly professional business as a plumber or/and Gas Engineer. We’ve laid out clear information about being a franchisee, our opportunities for women plumbers, who we are and what we’re offering as the only franchise anywhere specifically for women plumbers.

You’re also welcome to pick up the phone or contact us if you’d like to chat about the offering and what you stand to gain from joining the team at Stopcocks Women Plumbers. Call us on 0800 8620010

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