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Let us be your W.I.F.E.

Women plumbers need a W.I.F.E. of their own

I need a W.I.F.E.

Are you a skilled woman plumber or gas engineer who wants to work for yourself? Perhaps what you need is a W.I.F.E.

Consider the Stopcocks Women Plumbers proposal.

Many women who train in skilled trades want to work for themselves, but once they get a job they realise that the risks of becoming a sole trader make it a very different matter.

The harsh truth of this industry is that in UK 70% of insolvencies are in the Construction and Trades sector* and a 2016 study by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that the sector was the second highest for suicides!

Our proposal

In our (Stopcocks) experience, most traditional sole-trader plumbers who’re successful have a wife at home answering the phone, filling in the diary, dealing with marketing and invoices and vitally; collecting payments but those without wives are struggling alone; overwhelmed by admin, paperwork and unpaid bills!

Where does that leave women plumbers?

How about this for a proposal? When you join us and buy a Stopcocks Women Plumbers Franchise we’ll be your W.I.F.E. at a fraction of the cost of employing someone.

And, we’ll really help you to get your own business successfully making more money, faster because we’re already very experienced at helping women plumbers run and grow their own plumbing businesses.

Get a W.I.F.E. and get a better life

We’ve worked it all out for you – so you don’t have to waste time and money making mistakes

Increase your profits – spend more time doing what you love and that makes you money – plumbing

Flexibility – work how and when you want and Fulfilment – improve your work/life balance

Enjoy life more because you know your future and finances are sustainable

Contact us now if you’re a female plumber or gas engineer who wants to work for yourself but not alone. To find out the most effective way to do this call 0800 8620010 and check-out the Join Us pages on our website.


*Build and Grow by Alison Warner

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