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Let’s Hear It for Women in Plumbing – in the Whole of the Industry

We’ve talked a lot about the barriers women in plumbing encounter. These definitely affect the numbers of women who succeed in becoming plumbers; but because the barriers are serious, we sometimes forget to talk about how amazing, determined and skillful the women who succeed into any part of this industry are. Women working within this industry in any role are in a severe minority and all unsung heroines.

Women in plumbing are passionate about pipes

Women in plumbing are passionate about pipes

The women plumbers we encounter are all, without exception totally passionate about pipes.
The women who succeed working in companies working for and with plumbers are equally passionate .
To succeed in this industry women have to be passionate – and we are.
We’re passionate and (once in) we’re very successful.

Our success can be attributed 100% to our work ethic, we’re grafters who work hard and provide excellence at every level.
We care so much we almost always go over and above for our customers, be they plumbers or householders. Our attention to detail in combination with a high level of skill (we know we cannot succeed without being the best of the best when we stick out like a sore thumb) means our customers come back to us and refer us to all their friends.
Even we’re not being properly recognised for our contribution in the workplace or within the industry we still go the extra mile, aiming for excellence.

So all hail to the women working hard and succeeding, doing a great job.
Let’s see more of us all, let’s see us (period).

At Stopcocks Women Plumbers it’s part of our mission to bring women within the industry together. Many women train and work as plumbers in isolation, and lets face it, women actually do approach plumbing differently. We bring women plumbers together within the Stopcocks brand because we believe it’s important to be highly visible so that other women see us and realise they too can be plumbers, or anything else for that matter.
Many women working as plumbers in jobs can feel isolated, some who might have originally aimed to be plumbers so they can work for themselves don’t know how to go about that – we can help there.
We’re also bringing women together within the industry as a whole, because together we’re stronger. We want to celebrate our approach, our work ethic and our achievements.

Women succeeding in this industry are excellent role models, not only for other women who wish to enter it, we’re role models for all women; being fabulous, being competent, being strong, being skillful, supporting our families, collaborating with and supporting other women, not putting up with BS and being successful in our own right.

Lets hear it for the women in the plumbing industry; quietly getting on with it, succeeding mostly without seeing any other women in the industry, without a path to follow and probably without a hand up!

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