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Which is more important; Time or Money?

Do you want more time?

Time, our most precious resource

Time, our most precious resource

When it’s gone it’s gone!
We all want more time – it’s the only resource we can’t get more of.
For women plumbers considering running your own business, you’re probably wondering whether you can make enough money, but a far more important question is how will you spend your time.

For anyone running their own businesses, time is probably what we’re most short of.

If asked we’d probably say the thing we need more of is money, because that’s something we can aim for, but actually what we’d do with our money is spend it on something that will increase our quality time.
Time to spend, with the people we love,
Doing the things we love.
Time plumbing.

So one of the main things we provide for Stopcocks franchisees is time.
We save our plumbers time in as many ways as we can.

Time winning new customers
Time answering the phone (which as a plumber means stopping plumbing, possibly crawling out from under a bath)
Time writing things into your diary
Time reminding customers you’re coming that day
Time making up invoices
Time chasing payments
Time creating a strong brand, making a website, devising great brand message customers respond to positively, remember and recommend to their friends and family
Time delivering excellent customer services.

And even more important, we save you time spent worrying that you’re going to build a reliable income you can live on comfortably. We save you time on jobs because you can call our helpline and discuss which is going to be the most effective solution for your customers. We save you marketing time because of all the referrals you’ll be getting from happy customers.

Now, what are you going to do with all this time?

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