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World’s First Franchise for Women Plumbers Launched

“With the numbers of women plumbers remaining static at around 1% of all plumbers (and even lower for Gas Engineers at around 1 in every 300) something had to be done” says Hattie Hasan, founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

It’s all about sustainability and visibility.

There have been numerous short-term schemes, and campaigns designed to encourage girls into plumbing and other skilled trades. We have ourselves spearheaded and been fully involved (and still are) in many of them. What people don’t realise is that it is neither fair nor realistic to expect girls fresh out of school to transform one of the most entrenched industries in existence.

Without role models out there and visible in the world, schemes have little chance of succeeding.

Stopcocks Women Plumbers are here to change all that. We’re a business on a mission to build in sustainability at every level. We have developed a way to ensure that women plumbers who join us as Stopcocks Franchisees can run profitable, sustainable Stopcocks businesses.

We work with what is, and right now that is women over 26 who are already trained and in jobs working as plumbers and gas engineers. These are the women ready and able to become role models by becoming visible to customers and to women and girls who want to become plumbers. For some it may never have occurred to them that plumbing can be a great career choice.

The Stopcocks Franchise provides women with excellent systems, promotion and community, in many cases far better than what they’d have in a job. Stopcocks Franchisees can run their own self-employed Stopcocks businesses, for themselves but not alone. The franchise minimises the risk of working for yourself.

Our aims are to transform the customer experience by providing excellent plumbing and exquisite customer service. This is unique in the industry. It’s not something traditional plumbing companies can’t provide, it’s just not prioritised by them. We know that we’ve already had an effect by seeing other plumbing companies starting to talk about customer service and some even contact us asking for photos of our women plumbers to put on their websites.

Women are connected to high level customer service in customers’ minds – all our plumbers are women, but we don’t just assume they’re going to be good at customer service, we train them in it.

This USP draws attention to our company, putting the spotlight on our plumbers, which draws customers to them but also essentially, lets other women and girls perceive that plumbing and other skilled trades can be for them.

So the call is out; to all women plumbers and gas engineers in jobs; take control of your own life and earnings, help us to transform the industry, attract more girls and women into it and give customers the high-level customer service they deserve.

Join us.

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