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A Shameless Plug for our Funny Plumber

A Shameless Plug for Funny Plumber Hattie Hasan

This time last year Hattie Hasan, founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers was on her way to a baptism of fire as a funny plumber at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

How was that? How is anyone a comedian on the side? And what was it like?

Here’s a short video about Hattie

Edinburgh Festival is huge. The world’s biggest arts and culture festival, so making an impact among literally thousands of acts is a massive task.

However, Hattie’s debut as a comedian was well received. People liked the idea of a funny plumber.

Not just a novelty, she is a well respected speaker who relished the opportunity to exploit her funny side.

But what made her take her courage in both hands and just do it?

“I love a challenge” says Hasan “So many people had suggested it. I did a dry run to a select gathering at a garden concert and practiced as I walked the dog, surprising passers by.

During the week of my performances I changed about half of the act after taking on board what was working and watching other performers. It’s an amazing learning experience and having done it I feel like I can take on almost anything. Actually, I was approached to take part in Bear Grylls; The Island, I don’t feel that’s anything I need to take on.”

For more information about Hattie’s exploits as a funny plumber or to talk about her other speaking skills please email or call 0800 862 0010

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