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Why Women Plumbers

why women plumbers

Why Women prefer Women Plumbers


It’s probably true to say that when it comes to buying new things for the home, it’s the woman of the house that takes charge. She decides what’s needed, and then she goes out and chooses it. (She may get someone else to pay for it).

When the house ‘breaks’ it is usually the woman of the house who notices and wants something done about it.  Now I know it’s not ALWAYS the case ……

but it USUALLY is the woman of the house that gets things done.
The other day, while I was working, the woman of the house took a shower.
This is not the first time that has happened. I later asked her if she would have taken a shower with a male plumber in the house. She was mortified at the thought. She explained that she’d thought nothing of taking a shower while I was there.
It is an interesting thing, and many times I have tried to explain what it is that attracts people to women in the trades.
I personally always felt that I needed to be safe and secure in my home.
If things are broken then I experience it as chaos.
I see my home as my sanctuary and haven from the world. I like it warm and clean and working to its best.
When it isn’t, then you can bet it won’t be long till I’m not either.

Most often when I am called to a home, it’s because something isn’t working. The householder is usually in a distressed state. I am constantly walking into other people’s stressful situations.
My job is to calm them down, then repair the ‘broken’ house.
I see the link between the home and the psyche.
Women are traditionally seen as the home makers. I may be a plumber, but that isn’t to say that I am not a home maker. In fact I have built most of the home I live in.
I trust that the women the universe sends me will understand the link too.

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    2:38 PM, 13 August 2012

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    We are professional, qualified electricians with a unique twist whereby we encourage and actively employ female electrician and contractors covering Hertfordshire and North London.

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