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Money, Money, Money

Over the last few days I’ve spoken to four different people about money and finance.

One said I should go down the traditional route and see a bank, and posed the many questions a bank manager would ask. (He advised that I don’t put VW to supply fleet of Caddys, in my business plan. I agreed not to, but secretly I’m confident that somebody will).
One suggested possible answers to all the questions.
One said I would get finance from someone who believed in me and the ‘vision’
One said money should not be an issue.

Last night a number cruncher wanted to set up a meeting with me in two weeks time.

What will my world look like in two weeks time?

The people around me are slowly beginning to realise the enormity of the ‘vision’ I have for my own and the future of plumbing in the UK.
Each time I think about a new aspect the questions and the answers come flowing towards me.
From sources I never imagined.
When I speak about my greater purpose of ‘Global Water Management’ the overwhelming response is that of support.
“If any one can do it, you can”.
Even the friend who said “you don’t do things by halves do you?” didn’t doubt it will happen.
Failure is simply not an option.

When I look back at decisions I have made in my life, I begin to realise how many of those decisions are directly related to today.
My decision to give up teaching in a school,
my decision to choose plumbing, when I could have chosen any of the trades,
even my decision to work alone for sixteen years has contributed to why I am at this point today.
I believe the answers will come when I need them.
In the meantime, I continue doing what needs to be done to achieve “The Fastest Growing Women’s Plumbing Company in the UK”

The conception has happened
This is the ‘pregnancy’,
I’m getting ready for the ‘birth’.  What a baby this is going to be!!!!

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