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There are some truly wonderful people in the world. I have the pleasure of knowing quite a few of them myself.

I have always believed that if one is good then one will receive good things.
Even when I was growing up (this was not the happiest of times) I had a sense of being ‘good’.
‘Good’ meant never annoying anyone. As a child this is often what being good means.

There is so much more to it than that….

I met an extraordinarily ‘good’ young woman yesterday.

She had found me in her search to become a plumber and she came for an interview.

I felt her integrity straight away. She was so full of respect and love for her family.

As she spoke about her dreams for her future and that of her family I saw a strength in her that impressed me so much that I offered her a place in our company with open arms.
She is only 18, she hasn’t started her plumbing training yet.
She has all the quality and all the integrity, and total commitment to her passion and purpose, I could possibly have hoped for.

I have met so many ‘good’ people over the past few weeks.

I met a couple who, instead of asking for wedding gifts, requested a collection be made to have a reservoir built in an Indian village. They were so successful in their collection that a bore hole was also funded to enable that village to have water all year round.
I have the fortune to be an honorary member of their family. Hi guys! You know who you are.

The number of ‘good’ people that I have come into contact with in the last few weeks since beginning my journey into business has been truly awesome.
Everytime I focus my thoughts towards what I need next, the person, or the resource shows itself to me.

I can hardly get over how exciting and how wonderful this whole journey is becoming for me.

The reality of “Stopcocks” the Fastest growing Women’s Plumbing Company in the UK is beginning to take shape.

A bien tot…

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